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Been to the other side - it sucks!!!

Hi all, i am writing this with an empty stomach and a full heart for my love of SW.:D

after loosing nearly 10lbs on sw i went off track and put 5lbs on. I wanted a quick boost to kick start my healthy ways and found my way to lipotrim.:cry:

i started it yesterday and it was awful, truely awful, i had 3 shakes and 3 litres of water all day.

today i woke up feeling awful, like the worst hangover ever - the whole time (a whole day - not very long) all i kpet thinkging about was SW and how bloody fantastic it is!!!!!

you can eat healthy food with proper meals and still loose weight.

i worried that i was messing my body up by having these space like shakes.

so despite my hubby getting cross i have come off it and when i get soome energy back i am off to the shops to get mullerlight, nimble and other firm favourites from sw.

i am back with a new found vengence and determinism - nothing would make me go back to lipotrim!!

a very dizzy and weak Pudgy panda :(
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Hi just had to say that LT isnt all bad !!! I lost 5 stone pretty easily and very quickly on LT , and it works a dream , if you have a LOT to loose . The first few days are tough , but you do start to feel loads better after 4-5 days and then you have loads of energy and no appetite :)
However it is hardcore , and it is healthier to loose it the 'normal ' way , I found myslef with 8 stone to loose and couldnt cope with doing a normal diet as it would have taken years to loose !!!

I have now joined SW to loose the last 1-2 stone and am loving it , I appreciate food much more , even fruit and veg and know I can loose the last bit slower and in a healthier way which I plan to stick to for life :)
suppose it just didnt suit me, i have 2 stones to loose and just kept comparing it to sw as i know its easier.

thats fantastic weight loss - good on you!!!

you never know what i would have been like after days 3/4 but i didnt want the weight loss badly enough to go through it

here's to loosing weight at your own speed!!!!!!


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You've definitely made the right decision! Our bodies are made to process food, that's why we have grinding teeth.


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I could not agree with you more.

Stick with Sw, it is far healthier in the long run i feel. I lost 5 stone with lighter life years ago, i was not a binge eater, no unhealthy thoughts about food etc, just started on medication and did not realise it was prone to weight gain and i just wasnt careful enough so put weight on really easily. I do take responsibility for the fact that i must also have been overeating.

But, although my weight loss was fab with LL, i categorically developed a bad eating habit. The margin for disaster was so huge with LL, because if i did come off plan for the odd day the diet was in ruin and i absolutely hated myself when i had eaten, which is not healthy at all. Food is a part of life, we need it to survive. Whereas with SW, i dont feel deprived, and i can build my treats into my syns.

LL etc undoubtedly give people amazing weight losses and i know that there are some great success stories out there, so to those people who did succeed, i wholeheartedly congratulate them, they really work hard to get there and deserve every success. But for me, i felt i had no life, i was always hungry, miserable alot of the time, i was thin and loved it, but in the end, my hair started to thin due to the low calories i was consuming, and i just wasnt that desperate to go through all that to lose weight. I put most of it back on within 3 years.

So for me, healthy eating and moving my butt more is the way forward to a healthy, slinky me!

I Must say, that i dont want to appear negative about vlcd, what works for some doesnt for others, to each their own, i lost the weight, i just put it back on, so i am happy for it to now take me two years to get to goal, but this time, I WILL STAY THERE! as food wont rule my life like it did on LL xxx


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I think I will be doing SW once I have lost a lot on CD. I am one that needs to see fast results to continue with the diet and just couldnt go through what I did when I did WW. SW is a better way to go, rather than VLCD but for some the journey is a hard one. I for one can do the vlcd, but for the last stone or so I will join SW to get myself back into the swing of things and back into healthy eating mode.
Good luck to all of us, no matter which path we go.