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Been told to eat.....


I will do this!!!


Is Irrepressible!! : )
If you are a meat eater- the atkins (although I wouldn't necessarily recommend it) is a ketosis diet. I also read the South Beach Diet is similar. Basically you are looking at a very low carb diet.

It might be best for you to go to your pharmacy and pick up the re-feed info and follow days 1 and 2 for a bit until you feel better and are able to get back onto LT full time. You would be better off going for this option and doing it the correct way as weight gain should be minimal.

Hope everything goes well for you xxx
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Yip, I just second what medea says. As you're allowed tomatoes on atkins have you tried homemade tomato soup? I blend a tin of tomatoes and mix it a pint of stock (veg or chicken) and throw in a little chilli powder. It also has no points so its really low in calories too.
id try following days 1 & 2 of refeed for a couple of days or just do what peeps do on hols and have salad and chicken or tuna

If your ill your ill, i know exactly how you are feeling you dont necessarily want to eat but a medical professional has told you to so its best to do it. keep stuff as bland and boring as possible and itll be easier to take up LT again when you decide you can.

Hope you feel better soon xx Gen
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i would eat a chicken fillet or bit of turkey breast which has same calories as shake or less and replace that for one of your shakes it has no carbs in it i had to do it when i was ill and did it for a week replacing one shake for a fillet and i still had a high weight lose and i stayed in ketonic i brought the heathy eatting one from tescos just make sure it says no carbohydrates and you be ok hun. hope you feel better soon xxxx


I will do this!!!
Cheers guys. I dont want to eat for days i just want to eat one meal to get some energy into me. Think i might have the soup :)
also can i say if your going to start eating chicken or turkey or any kind of meat buy it and cook it the packet ones have so much hidden crup in them that they are not necessarily as healthy as they appear! id rather wait 20-25 mins for a chicken breast to cook than eat a ready done one read the ingredients on the packets and they never just say chicken!


I will do this!!!
How about a homemade veg soup??? made from carrots, celery, broccoli, cauliflower and veg stock????


Is Irrepressible!! : )
I think that maybe the better option, nothing like a good homemade soup!

Just watch the salt content in the stock as you don't want to undo all the hard work you have put into cleansing your palette! xx


I will do this!!!
Hmmm good point. I need something but i scared of being kicked out of ketosis!! Oh well its just one bowl then nothing for another 2/3 months!!
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if you're feeling really poorly and want to stay in ketosis, consomme should do ok, check the carbs, a can should be under 10 or so. Also chicken soup if you can find it without rice, starch as a thickening agent, pasta etc- likewise 5-7/ 100gms.... Also of course you can make your own, heat up chicken w onion celery peppercorns garlic to boiling. let cool, then heat again, turn off when it boils. Take out the chicken which should be just tender and if the stock is too watery reduce it further. This will definitely keep you in ketosis and is very plain. Thats if you feel well enough- hope you are ok? If not just eat whatever you feel like and get back to your weight issues later?
If you do want to stay in ketosos the keto strips are very helpful
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I would go for chicken, or ham and hula hoops (as I often do!).:D


is loving the soup?!
I agree with everyone else about the refeed, unless your doctor specifically said you needed carbs to get better. I am so sorry you are going through this, lots of love and get well wishes xxx


Is thinking positive!
I so hope you feel much better soon pizzle, Sounds like you have had a rough time of it this week..I would go for Homemade Tomato soup myself..:)

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