before and after loosing 1st 3lbs pics


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Not much difference i know but i would still like to show lol

p.s if anyone can add it to one page of a before and after shot without it being on a doc page i would be grateful, as photobox doesnt accept word documents.

before - front
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-1 stone 3lbs front
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before side
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-1 stone 3lbs side
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Ooooo I love pics :D

Keep doing em, I do mine every month and the differences are amazing :)

Are you measuring too?
Cool photos!!
It will be great have a photo diary too. :)
Louisa26 pics!

You're getting there,'re doing brilliantly! {{{hugz}}} xx
Hi Louisa

Just checked out ur photos and there is defo a difference well done girl... keep up the good work!!


Gen xx
Hi Louisa,

You can see the difference and 1st. 3lbs. is a wonderful weight loss and such a boost for the weeks ahead.

One week down:D and boy did you do well:D :D :D

Love Mini xxx
There is a difference, I can tell in your face too.

Well done on the great loss and keep going hun.
Louisa - after seeing you today I can honestly tell you there is a difference! Trust me - those combat trousers will be too big for you in no time!

Keep up the good work!!!

I've looked between the 2 photos about 3 times hun.

It's going from under your bust...don't you think?

Can't wait to see the next lot of pics. Thank you for sharing them with us all.:D

Well done Louisa,

I can see a definate difference on both your stomach and your neck.

You are doing so well