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Before and After!


Climbing the mountain...
I know I've been quiet for a while but it's not that I haven't been lurking on here just that it's the end of term and have been manically busy! However meanwhile I haven't really thought much about doing the Cambridge, have just gotten into the swing of it and I didn't realise how much the pounds had been dropping off!

At the beginning I looked at the photos of people and just thought,
"Wow, I can't wait to be like that!" and "Is it really possible?" and "Can I really do this and succeed?"

Well, here is photographic proof for you that it can happen, you can succeed and that you can be very happy!

The first photo is me at my heaviest at 16.5 stone-ish, before I lost 2 stone just by cutting out rubbish and exercising. Then I did Cambridge and have lost another 2.5 stone! With half a stone to go I thought, I wonder if I can tell...
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Wow gemjar you look fab hun, well done :)
You look like a different person
I bet you feel amazing

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well done!!you look so different


Climbing the mountain...
Thanks! I feel completely different; definately have a bigger spring in my step these days! Just hoping now going onto higher plans I can cope with food, at least I can exercise again! :) x


Wants to Maintain Gd!!
You look brilliant - looks like two different people. Well done
You look fantastic. Well done on your losses!!!
Wow you look like a completely different person!
Wow what a change! Wouldn't think it was the same person! Well done x

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