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Before and During

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
You can really see a difference already! I bet you feel it too..

You should be rather smugly proud of yourself, are people noticing a difference? It is quite visible to me, even in your posture.

I should really get around to doing some shots... I have an issue in that almost all my photos of me are of the head up.... my decapitated floating head shots.

yaay well dun on puttint he pix up hun...and yh as shorty sed you can defoo see the difference between the two piccies..well dun,v proud of uu :D..all my piccies are of nite outs :s lol
Thanks both of you, yes I am very proud of myself and pat myself on the back everyday. People are noticing and it makes me very chuffed when they say so but it means more coming from you.
And Oh Gorgeous one, I have noticed that theye are no body shots, bad bad. We are who we are so please some bod shots as well.

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
Going to be a long waffly one.... but you are very right. I am slowly coming to terms with the need to take a full body shot.

Recently I tried to start an album for my daughter. Something that she can be handed when she reaches eighteen. A compilation of captured memories that made up her life to this point.Photographs are key, they are able to unlock a memory, a feeling, a sense of time.I had a mass of pictures. Pictures of my baby. From hospital delivery room, to hugging Mickey Mouse. Of godparents, uncles, aunts, grandparents, her dad holding her, gazing down into her face. I was shocked to find how few pictures of me could be found. In fact, the pictures of friends and godparents holding my baby where more numerous.The first few precious moments of her life. There exists two photographs of me with the most important and beautiful part of my own life. One includes just the back of my head!

I know that as “mummy” I will always end up taking a lot of the pictures. However, this is not the reason that I wasn’t in these photos…or most of the photos from my daughter’s early life.
The reason is that I was hiding behind the camera. Yes, the pictures needed to be taken to document our little family, but someone would’ve had to have pried that camera from my cold chubby, wobbly, dead hands to get me to actually be in the picture.

I forgot the key reason for photographs…pictures of you, aren't usually for YOU. They are for other people to remember you by. To look at the memories and experiences they had with you.

Looking back it makes me sad. I can never get those opportunities back. Granted, it’s just a picture and I still have the memories, but will I always have them as I get older? And what about my little girl? Isn’t it fun to look back on old pictures to see yourself and your loved ones around you as you grow up?I still don’t feel all that comfortable in front of the camera, but it’s better. I dab on some makeup, fix my hair, and I smile as big as I can. chin down, hair over face. I still feel “fat” some of the time in those pictures, but at least I’m there. And more importantly, I’m working on getting rid of the reasons that I feel this way.

How silly is it that I can feel so beautiful until the flash goes off? How selfish have I been to hide knowing that in a picture you see just one angle, one expression you made for a millisecond, On the other hand, in real life people see at your face at every angle and through different expressions. My face, my body is a combination of all that, and of the inner me. Why do I hide. Why do I really think I look better in a mirror?

I don’t want to miss out anymore. And there’s no reason why I should. Especially when it’s something I can control.It just should not be this much thought and energy involved in someone avoiding being photographed. Not when I feel this strong and beautiful as I am. I am making a change.

So I shall SHALL sort some full body ones out. Just for you lot :D oh and for me :D

You are absolutely right oh Fabulous one but that is what being overweight does, it drains your self esteem, your confidence, everything when it should'nt. It took a huge amount for me to put the pictures on the forum, in fact I did not even want to put a pic in my profile but you know what I am me and I like me a lot so why not.
Oh Shorty :grouphugg:I could have written that word for word. I have three gorgeous children and yet the only photos of me I have cropped to nothing. I actually sat transferring 2000 photos from my laptop to a backup drive today and all those memories and I'm not in them iyswim. I recently saw a picture a friend took of me and actually cried as I looked so h-u-g-e :cry:and can't get past that fact to see the lovely picture of a mum and her kids.

I can't even find a picture for my avatar on here :eek:
And Mark - you are looking amazing - huge huge congrats at such a huge achievement so far!


is slowly shrinking
i was only thinking the other day how i looked in photos. i have never been a small person and always been a chubby kid. but i remember thinking when i was 11.5 stone how fat i was and looked. and now i am 14.10 after dropping from 15.7 and i think was i really fat at 11.5, i may have been overweight but looking back i must'n have been as fat as i thought.
i only wish i could be that 11.5 again, because maybe then i will finally accept that is not fat.
our insecurities play havoc on our thoughts and feelings, and i just hope we can all build our self esteems again and be happy.:angeldevil:

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
We are grabbing hold of our lives again.. we are making a change.
Thinking about all the new memories I will make with my little one without being impacted by my weight was the driving force for ordering my first pack.

I think I am still a little too insecure, but it is being within this supportive circle of arms, with you lot that means I can think about stepping out of the shadows.

The amount of strength it must of taken to put your photos up Mark is so inspiring and makes me feel stronger. So thank you so very much.


Are We There Yet?
Well done Mark!! You are doing brill :)


dancing queen ;)
yep, definitely can see the difference! keep it up :)
Thank you everybody for your well dones and well wishes, gold emerald you look amazing, not far to go now to your goal.
As far as pictures go and the past, my story is very similar yours Short I have hardly any photo's of myself being fat but many before I got large. Always behind the camera never in front. Bot you know we are who we are and everyone get those camera's out, lets watch the journey as well as sharing in it.
keep it up mark, you keep on shrinking without realising.


dancing queen ;)
thanks mark :)

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