Before-before pic!


I was given this photo yesterday, it was taken at work to be put on the school staff board at the front of the school, and wow, I really hadn't noticed just how puffy (well, fat!) my face had gotten until I saw this :eek:

I've put it along with my same-sized latest photo for comparison, I hope I'm not the only one seeing the difference! :cool:
Pretty soon I'll have to get them to re-take the picture! :D
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Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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lol - if you are the only one that sees the difference, then we all need to go to spec-savers. :)

Huge difference!

I am the same with my work ID. People always comment on my photo and say they shouldn't let me in the building as I'm not the same person. lol

You're doing great!! :)


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looking good!!!


Fighting Demons....
I'd definitely get them to retake the picture babe! You look amazing! There is such a difference!!

B x

PS: Ur freaking me out, cus in ur old pic u look like my baby brother!!


Bekimo said:
PS: Ur freaking me out, cus in ur old pic u look like my baby brother!!

lol, I hope you're referring to your younger brother, who isn't actually a baby..... otherwise, give that baby a shave! :8855:


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Mahoosive difference Pete, looking good!



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Vive la difference !!

I bet your street cred has gone up at school.
Where have all the years gone?
Congratulations xx:flirt2::happy096: