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Before dieting....................


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Before you started dieting........thinking about it are you surprised at what you used to eat???

Did you used to eat JUST for the sake of it?

Did you eat eat & eat even tho you where full to the brim.....or did u just stop eatting when you were full.
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well i always wondered why i got so big i always thought i never ate that much(denial i suppose) but i realise now just how much i did eat just for the sake of it i was a picker i know now i never ate cos i was truly hungry i ate for the sake of it most of the time, and at all the wrong times and never really thought about what i was doing to myself and my health but LT has thought me discipline now and i know that when i get to were i want to be i will never take food for granted again i think this diet puts u in a totally differant mindset about food and hopefully that will stay with me forever!! good thread by the way clare x


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S: 17st0lb G: 10st7lb
I ate for emotional reasons. And I saw how I did it looking back on the sunday just gone. Me and OH had an argument (as couples do!), so I went down the shop and bought 3 go ahead bars (6 weeks ago it would have been chocolate bars!!), a magazine, a packet of cigs. I came home, ignored him (as you do lol) stormed up to my room, ate all three bars and stewed for a while.

6 weeks ago it would have been double that and more, so im quite pleased I at least chose the healthy option lol. But it still tells me I am an emotional eater, which isn't good :(


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I used to eat a good healthy diet during the day and then in the evening after the kids went to bed all hell would break lose haha. My weakness is chocolate, i used to eat loads and loads and it didnt matter if i was full or even if i felt sick i would always finish what i had and could never leave anything til the following day!

cawisu xx


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I was a picker,ate large meals and love takeaways :)
I don't eat for the any emotional reasons , I eat because I love food. I just need to find some willpower. It's in me somewhere ;)

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