Before Weigh in...


Finally...Life begins
When do you stop drinking water? or don't you?

I remember someone saying how much water weighed inside you, and I tend to drink quite a bit at a time, and always wondered how it affected my weigh in?

Is it worth not drinking an hour before?
Hiya Ajax

On my weigh in days I used to stop drinking water about 5ish and my weigh was always around 7:30 and when i stuck to SS 100% the previous week i always had a brill loss so the water didn't affect it that much.

hope that is of some help

Gen xx
Hello Angela

I have my little routine for weigh in days, because I think that as long as you do the same thing each week then the weight loss between weeks will be accurate.

For me, I have 1 pack at around 11am, and drink 4 litres of water up to 4pm. I have nothing then until weigh-in. I get weighed at 6.30pm, and have my other 2 packs and 2 - 3 more litres of water after weigh-in.

At my evening weigh-ins I am generally 2 or 3 pounds heavier than I am at home in the mornings before I've drunk anything, so the water really has an effect. But as long as the effect is constant each week, then my 'lost pounds' should be accurate.
Thanks all, I stopped drinking an hour before and weighed in at 17st 04 pounds, drank a pint and half of water with my CDC chatting away and weighed as I left just to see and I was 17st 5.75 so does make a difference!

Will just do that each week I think!

Thanks again
I just drink my usual 6l's a day if I can.

My weigh ins have swapped from first thing in the morning to the evening.

I don't bother trying to stop drinking earlier in the day because not only would this hamper my weight loss but it also wouldn't be worth doing unless I did it each week and I can't be bothered :eek: