Beginning again 👍


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Hi all 😊

I wanted to say hi as this is my first time using a forum like this so am excited at reaching out and gaining your support and experience with SW. I have used SW before as I’m a yoyo’er and fluctuate between being near my ideal weight 9.5/10 stone and being where I am now. Having had my gorgeous son 20 months ago I’ve struggled to keep to any good kind of regime and being a chef I overindulge in all the wrong things 🙄 But with lockdown and recently Christmas I’m near 16 stone and loathing myself. Have awful heartburn feel exhausted constantly - just generally feel rubbish.
So this is day two of taking better care of myself!! Yesterday was Apple and pear for brekkie with 0% yoghurt- speed veg salad with black eyed peas and ACV with two Aldi ryvita (3 syns) topped with tuna and yoghurt for lunch. For dinner was a Pearl barley & veg risotto with left over roast lamb (all visible fats and skin removed) from Sunday’s non SW roast. Just used a stock cube for absorption and topped with HexB Parmesan and side of roasted speed veg. Very filling and surprisingly tasty 👍 Snacked on melon and apples during the day!
The hardest part I’m finding is my partner - his snacking and eating bread and butter cakes biscuits etc is such a temptation!!! How do we get round this??
Ok so I’m sat here trying to find the motivation to have a walk to get my steps in and as bubbas napping this is the perfect time so am going to sign off! All the best to all of you on this journey hopefully speak soon xxx
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