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Being in ketosis

HI guys,

Maybe a bit of a weird question but I don't mind looking daft sometimes :p

Can you 'feel' when you go into ketosis? I mean, do you feel differently?

I'm on day 6 now and feel great, but then I haven't felt bad since I started, no hunger pangs, no headaches but a couple of rumbly tumbly moments ;).

Going by other posts and LT info I guess I'm in ketosis purely cos i'm on day 6 and it must have kicked in, but I'm not sure.

Maybe cos it's weigh in tomorrow that I'm getting worried!

What are your experiences everyone??

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I must admit feeling awful the first few days. Hungry, headaches, bad tempered and lethargic. After that - my energy levels have been great. I no longer feel bloated at night.



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Hey Elle...

Im the same as you... I didnt feel any differently at all... I wasnt really hungry at all except for day 5... but i wasnt really hungry just wanted food and the grumblies!!


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Yup i was the same too chick - even now i still feel great and am on week 7 - have had a couple down days but i dont actually think i have felt hunger - its an odd one!

Id defo say you were in ketosis by now honey. If you are worried though you can by ketostix that you can use to check yourself to see if you are in ketosis - although from what ive heard they arnt always that reliable :)


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Theres times ive nearly cheated purely from wanting the food... not actually craving it!!!
Thanks guys.
Will look at the ketostix when i'm in the pharmacy tomorrow. But I'm buying the shake mixer so not overly keen on more expense. But hey - might be worth it!

Chelly, know what you mean. It's worrying how automatic food becomes isn't it? Was out at weekend and my friend's little boy dropped crisps all over his table, i almost reached out for them just purely out of habit, a knee jerk reaction!


I will be skinny again!!!
Yep I know the feeling... Like one some one offers you a crisp or chocolate... Theres times its been in my hand as an enstinct reaction and ive had to put it in the bin!

Hmm... Id probably buy one from tescos or asda chick.. Probably alot cheaper xx


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Yup got my shaker from good ol tescos :)
didn't know they did them - excellent info ladies :D


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I knew exactly when I was going into Ketosis, I was sat on the couch with my son and suddenly felt absolutely freezing, I put on a big woolie and turned the heating up. I still couldn't get warm, but the rest of my clan were walkin round with no tops on sweating like mad. Also I get a funny taste in my mouth.
You most likely are in ketosis. Do you feel a funny sort of vapour at the back of your tongue. Not so much as a taste but more of funny tasting 'air' coming up through from your body to the back of your tongue. That's one sign. Those Ketostix can be unrealiable, but if you have to have them don't pee straight on to the stick because the urine flow washes the chemical off. Pee into a container and dip the stick in the urine, (as it says on the instruction leaflet). Also the body varies as to when it excretes ketones. You could test your urine one minute and it shows negative (even if you are actually in ketosis), and test one hour later when you next go to the loo (as you do quite often), and the stick will show you are in ketosis. The main sign is an absence of hunger. Whereas you used to need a big meal and would be hungry a couple of hours later, you would not be so hungry now. Previously just having a shake for lunch or dinner would have you climbing the walls in hunger a hour later, this time not! Good luck.
thanks Pam, yes i think i must be in ketosis! I can definitely wait very easily for my next shake. Long may that continue!

Yippeeeeeeee for ketosis :bliss:

Also i have a new job, starting MOnday so that's certainly helped with my good mood, lol.
Most people find once they're in ketosis, they're no longer physically hungry (mental hunger is another matter sadly), they feel more energetic and have more stable blood sugar (no dips of energy), breath and pee can smell a bit odd (that's the ketones getting out) and you feel a tiny bit colder than usual. You should be there by now - that's great, it's so much easier to diet when you're not hungry. x

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