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Being made to see doctor!!!!!

Difficult one this, my family have decided that i'm now too thin and apparently im obsessed!.

I also (in their opinion) look ill, sunken, yellow!!!, too thin and they think I have an eating disorder.

They have been monitoring the forum, reading about lipotrim and have obtained the details of my pharmacist!!

They think I am too thin and look ill and are demanding I go to see the doc to get checked out.

I appreciate they love me and are worried but chroist :eek:.

I have booked myself in to see the doc that looked after me when I was long term ill will joint problem when I was fat (the same one that advised me to lose weight).

For those that do not know me I live 200 miles away from my family and rarely see them.

Anyone else had this problem? And what would be the best way to handle the doc??
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My parents have been worried about my weight for a while, but the opposite of yours!

I think that just to keep your family happy, then you should get checked out, it wont do you a bit of harm. If they are saying you look a bit yellow, I suppose there is a chance that you have become anemic, which a friend of mine did on LT, but thats noting much to be worried about and can be easily remedied!

Honey you look amazing and on top of that you have shown just how much you wanted to loose the weight and you done it.

I live about 30 miles away from my family and see them often, though have cut it to once a fortnight while I am on LT, so they can see a difference, seen them on Sat and they were all impressed!

Chin up honey, get yourself checked, and then you can either say, I told you so or thanks to them!

Laura x x


Is thinking positive!
WOW!! Looking at you're photo's you look mightay fine to me :D

I think family's do tend to worry as Lipotrim you do lose weight rapidly, But you know you're limits and goals and not to go to far with it..You have come down from 20 stones that is amazing ;) And 14 stones and a few lb seems like a healthy weight to me...Maybe it is best to see the doctor as you probably would like to put you're family's worries to rest..But You look so healthy and completely different in a positive way to me! I am sure the doctor will say the exact same thing..You have done amazing :):)
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Hi Cankster

Well I also have been checking your photos out and you are looking fan-bl**dy-tastic! What an achievement! And to put your mind at rest you certainly do NOT look ill, too thin, sunken or yellow (WTF!)

Friends and family can't help but worry when they don't understand how a VLCD works - and they see you "not eating" and losing weight really quickly. You don't look ill you just look different and they are not used to seeing you like this. Go to the doctor's - I'm sure they will congratulate you on your great work so far and encourage you to continue till you feel the right healthy weight for you. And hopefully it will put their minds at rest too. Tell them you appreciate their concern and are going to go for a check up anyway for that and for progress on your joint issues and when you come out with improvements in both areas it'll all be good!!

Family are funny - my folks live in Spain and haven't even seen me since April yet my Mum has decided I shouldn't lose any more weight now or I'll be too skinny!!!! Go figure

Good luck with it !

Carol x
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Cankster, go to your doc to put your family's worries at rest. Your GP will tell you your BMI makes you obese and so you are doing well to lose the weight and improving your overall health. No GP will look at your BMI and not be concerned about how much weight you are carrying. My GP was the first person to recommend LT to me. Some GP's are not in favour of the diet but all should be in favour of their obese patients doing something about it.

If your family are reading this then I'd say to them that it is lovely that they care so much for you that they are worried about your health but LT is a GP recommended diet with all the vitamins and minerals needed for good health and is just a quick start to a lifetime of healthy eating. Cankster health is still at risk until he gets his BMI down closer to 25, this diet works for him so please support him now and afterwards. Thank you.

Good luck Cankster, I think you look pretty cute to me!



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i agree you look great but families do worry especially as you have lost so much so quick, id just go along to the docs to put their minds at rest x
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Personaly I would tell them to wind their neck in and mind their own! You are now a healthy weight, where as before you clearly weren't. Still worth being checked out, if only for peace of mind. I bet your Doc will be well chuffed with your weight loss, as there is far more risk to your health 6-7 stone over weight, than there is in the "healthy" weight range. Besides, it's not like you are 14, it's your life, you do what you want FFS!


nearly there!! :)
im not been ignorant in saying this but ur bmi is still 30.1 (fab from what it was) but still 100% ranked as obese so there is no way u have lost tooooo much and have an eating disorder!! imo attitude like this is what causes people to get more obsessed bout weight!!
also no offence to ur family but the lipotrim pharmacist aint gonna give ya the stuff if ur under weight...there trying to stop people being obese not get them to be anorexic!!

i would to go see the doc though just to get them off ur case and least then it shows u really dont have an eating disorder.

u have done fab xxx


Is Irrepressible!! : )
I can't say from your photo that you look sunken and yellow! I guess that they are just not used to you looking that way!

Can I ask a cheeky question? (well i'm gonna anyway :D) Are your family overweight? I had a similar conversation with my mother a couple of weeks ago. I haven't seen them in 8 months and had lost 2 stone. My mum was saying "Oh, I don't think you should lose anymore. You look really nice the way you are right now" Now, my mum is shorter than me and I'm 5' 1", but she has piled on the weight since I last saw her. Maybe its a bit of the green eyed monster!

On a different note- if they really think you have a yellow tinge to your skin I would go and see the doc. I would also have a good look at the whites of your eyes to see if they are slightly more yellow than usual as it could be a sign of jaundice (something to do with the liver). Don't want to worry you- but it would be worth getting checked out especially if you were not born with jaundice- having it when you are born tends to mean that your skin has a very slight (barely noticable) yellow tinge for the rest of your life xx


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If you go and see your doctor he'll/she'll be able to check you over. Your family's minds can be put at rest and you can wiggle your fingers on your nose at them :p

The whole point of LT is that it's regulated by the pharmicist - admittedly there are some doctors amd pharmacists that don't agree with vlcds but they all agree that being massively overweight is extremely detrimental to your health.

The real test, I believe, is when you come of LT and try to maintain your weight by eating healthily.
i think u look fab ,people tend to think that lipo is going to make u ill ,when i was on it last year people used to tell me i was losing too much and didnt think i needed to lose anymore ,even though i knew i had more to lose,alot of these people had weight problems themselves ,maybe get a check up from ur doc just to keep them happy .best of luck xxxxx
worried parent.

i am the parent in question,and i am delighted that cankster has lost so much weight and very proud of him for sticking to it.but he has not been checked over for a while for one reason or another and we were just concerned because he has no energy,feels dizzy sometimes,hair is falling out and looks a little yellow.
Hi there the worried parent, I think its lovely that you love your son very much and are taking a interest in his health but Im one to agree with the others that he looks very well indeed, but maybe a trip to the doctors is in order just to settle you and put your mind at ease.

Being a parent myself i understand your concerns and would naturally be worried if my children suddenly lost a lot of weight quickly, but VCLD are closely monitered and with lipotrim being a pharmacy based diet Im pretty sure the pharmacist would note anything out of the ordinary.

Hair loss im afraid is one of the symptons but is described as thinning more then loss and does happen over long term.

I do agree though cankster that if you have no energy and your feeling dizzy you do need to speak to the doctor and your pharmacist and they can dvise you accordingly.

Well done though on losing all the weight, you really do look amazing
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Personally I dont think the doc will see an issue, they have all the info on healthy BMI etc so I hope he is 'on your side'.
I just think it is difficult for family (or anyone really) to accept that not eating anything solid is good for you but they dont know the facts of how TFR works & unless they needed to embark on it themselves then they never will.
Good luck with it hun
I think ya look fantastic!! & are such an inspiration to me :)
Im see doc friday afternoon. Wanted to see same doc i saw every week for months when my joints were bad.
I cant blame family for worrying really. Its the rapidness of the weightloss coupled with the dizzy spells. I think they just need some reassurance.
Nice to have someone out there who loves ya x


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Cankster, it's so lovely that your family love you to bits and worry about you!
Special "HI" to Mama Cankster, your kids are always your babies aren't they?!!
I know as a Mum myself how it feels.
Once you've seen he's had the OK from the Medic. you'll be able to relax.
My Daughters OH is a Doctor, and he thinks LT is a great thing.
Nice to have met you (so to speak!) on our forum. Cathy xxxx
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Ah, we love you to Cankster!

I hope your visit does put your family's mind at rest. You are doing so well and are so close to no longer being obese - next WI I reckon! They obviously care for you, my mum hasn't said much to me at all!!!

Good luck for Friday.


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