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Best day ever!!!


Can hug her knees :)
Well maybe not quite after being a mum of 2 lol but it's close :)
so happy on the scales this morning still in pj's I am back to my lightest adult weight :) and fully dressed in jeans big jumper etc, back to the lightest weight I got to last year sooooo happy xx
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Can hug her knees :)
Thank you both :) this is where I really wanted to be, NOW I will feel like I'm loosing weight I think, almost like the true start to my story so excited :) xx
As you have said everyday it will be like a new you 100% as the scales go lower and lower in numbers Well done on this achievement.
Kerena - it's a wonderful feeling isn't it - brand new progress. I started that a few weeks ago and it really gives you a boost.
Well done - and long may it continue for you! :) :) :)
thats great....! well done. i just love these days! It makes it all worthwhile doesnt it!! xx
Well done hun, bet thats a great feeling!


Is determined to do this!
:banana dancer::banana dancer::banana dancer: :wee::wee:


Can hug her knees :)
thanks everyone really have been in the best mood today :)
Eli tha banana actually looks a lot like me with its big boobs and wobbly belly lol
:) xx
Congrats Kerena,:family2:
(I couldn't find a banana celebrating with her two little ones LOL)

I know EXACTLY how you feel. Once I got back to "normal" fat -- and started making a dent in "previously unlost" fat, I was elated.
And, I will say... that although I backslid and gained back some of what I lost, when I was getting a little too close to "normal" fat I became very inspired to take it back off. I think this will reinvigorate you!



Can hug her knees :)
thanks MM :)
its funny i really do feel at the start, hard to believe i was on such a wobbly last week athough I wouldnt recomend it (getting back on track is harder than you expect) I think the break actually did me the world of good xx


Back 2 finish my journey
NOW I will feel like I'm loosing weight I think, almost like the true start to my story so excited :) xx
I know exactly what you mean by this its like the beginning isn't it, a whole new territory!!! How exciting well done you!

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