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Best exercise for toning thighs

Hi Bethany

I dont go to the gym - but I've been walking loads recently (fast walking) and am finding it great for my thighs and my bum :whoopass: !!!

Im sure other people will have some advice - once they are up!!!



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Hi Bethany,I have found that the best thing for toning the thighs is ... Squats and Lunges. We follow a fantastic toning dvd (Mark Anthony's Once a Week Workout for Women) and that has had absolutely amazing results. Repetitions of slow controlled exercises. Aches like mad after the first time though.Hope you can find something to help you.Take care
Hi Bethany,

Which part of the thighs? Walking is good, steps as in going up and down are good. But if you mean inner thighs then I think the best way is resistance. Probably the cheapest way to do that, is a resistance band, tied to something solid and round your ankle, and a slow controlled movement away from the solid object, across infront of your other leg. Hard to describe. There are ofcourse bits of equipment in the gym that, do this well (most of them look like they where used for torture in the dark ages!! Come to think of it, they still are). Resistance bands can be used for other areas of the body also!

Any kids around? instead of resistance bands just borrow a ball and hold it between your knees and squeeze? If you're sat in an armchair you can work your outer thigh by squeezing outwards against the arms?
Squats and lunges are good too.
The best hip, bum and thigh trimming weightloss I ever had was 5 years ago... I was doing 20 minutes every day on an exercise bike while watching TV.
Hiya Lesleyfx
Did using your exercise bike really trim your bum and thighs which is my problem areas . How long did it take before you could actually see your thighs and bum toning up
HOw long? hmmm.... not so easy to answer cos that was in my old life and don't have any record of it now. I do know I was dieting and using the bike every morning for 3 months. I remember my hips went from 60 inches to 48 inches and my thighs (humongous!) went from 34 inches to 25 inches. I lost 3 st. However I stopped at that, and still weighed 14st (at 5ft 0 - way too heavy!), so you can only compare for difference not end result. I wasn't using any other exercise equipement or walking and my tum didn't shrink much at all so I have to assume the cycling forced it. Then next time I dieted I didn't have the cycle, didn't do much exercise at all, and most of the weight came off my tum and boobs instead.

This time round I'm walking, using cycle and air-walker - and once I'm off the crutches I'll be using my Xtrainer too. Recording my steps by peodometre to make sure I gradually do more and more. (to record cycle clip it to pants near knee or to trainer)
Hiya Lesley

Thanks for the tips on howing to trim your thight and bum the trouble with me is that i want to see results in a few days ive never done any exercise so that you get results I want to lose weight + tone up as well is it possible to tone thighs done to a reasonable size with exercise and diet as i cant wear shorts because of my thighs love to wear shorts to showof my new figure and trimmed thighs as just dieting wont tone legs up ,

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