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Best options from Chinese?

Hi I just joined this forum today and started slimming world two days ago, I love Chinese food but was wondering what is the best things to have with lowest syn value??:confused:

The foods I tend to have are spring pancake, chicken and sweetcorn soup, sweet and sour chicken,or chicken curry,chicken chow main.. I am currently following ee

Help great fully appreciated

Lesley xx
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I think there's a section in the back of your sw book which lists few takeaway options.


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Best thing to do is make your own chinese style meals, there are several on this forum,here is a chicken stir-fry.

Pete’s Chicken Stir-Fry
Serves 2
1 chicken breast per person, cut into strips
1stir-fry veg pack
1x 150g pack Amoy “straight to wok” fine noodles 1.5syn
150g button mushrooms, sliced

Stir-fry sauce

1Tbsp. sweetener
1Tbsp light soy sauce
1 tsp blue dragon oyster oil 1syn
1 tsp toasted sesame oil 2syn
1 spring onion, finely chopped
1 garlic clove, finely chopped
1 cube of ginger, finely chopped
3 Tbsp. water


Spray a wok with Fry Light and cook the chicken strips until cooked and browned, remove from the pan, add more Fry Light and cook the veg for 5 mins, return the chicken to the pan, add the noodles and the home made stir-fry sauce, cook for another 5 mins until the noodles are cooked.

Making the Stir-fry Sauce

In a small frying pan, add the ingredients and over a low heat, cook, stirring from time to time to blend, season with salt & pepper. Cook until it thickens then add to the stir-fry after the noodles,



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I would always have either Chicken Chow Mein which is 7 syns or Chicken in blackbean sauce is 5 syns. What every i get from the chinese i alsways try to order the chicken because at least it is a speed food!! Hope this helps!!
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I love Chinese curry and discovered that syn free chicken/prawn egg fried rice + slimming world syn free chips are fab with Mayflower powdered curry sauce which has a fairly low syn value! I get mine from Farmfoods @99p a box, lasts me a good while too.
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Its a bit debatable I find on here re: the "true" syn value tbh - prob best to search yourself and review the threads and see what you think!

Personally I count it as 4 syns, as it states per 100g of finished sauce = 77cals. I was really sad and weighed out the 170ml of water that I use for one portion and it comes in at pretty much exactly 100g. Thing is, not 100% sure this would be the right way to work it out but I honestly couldn't work it out any other way due to my daftness lol, so 4 syns for me (on a 40g + 170ml serving, enough for one)

Anyway, hope that helps?!! I have been lucky enough to lose weight so far, so working for me at the minute, will review it if it stops!!!

Did you use the mushy pea sauce? x
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I make my own chicken fried rice and it taste nicer than the Chinese one!

Boil some rice,
While the rice cooks, fry some chicken, onion, garlic until cooked then add peppers onions carrots( on any other superspeed veg) add the cooked rice and then fry for 2 mins add soya sauce!

Oh and I add cooked egg which I dry fry until it sets like an omelette and just chop and add for the last 2 mins!

I fry the chicken and veg with fry light xxx

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