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Best thing to kill cat fleas in carpets?


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Hi there,

This is really embarrassing :eek: My live-in landlady's cat has been infested with fleas over the summer. We've tried all the Bob Martin sprays and powders to try to kill the fleas that must be living in the carpets, but they must still be alive. We've been spraying at least once a week but to no avail!

I'm covered with flea bites and have been since the beginning of September :cry: The itching is driving me insane, and I have scars all over the bottom of my legs (so I'm going to have to wear thick tights with my beautiful Christmas party dress! :()

The bloomin fleas only seem to be biting me which is the annoying thing! :mad:

Does anyone know of the best way to kill these bloody fleas because I'm getting to the end of my tether now and considering moving out, which is a shame because she's my best friend!

Any advice would be great!

Sian xxx
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When we moved in to this house, the previous people had had cats and our dog became infested even though he'd never had fleas before.
Apparently the eggs can live in skirting boards etc for years until a pet comes along.
We spent a fortune at pet shops but then we asked our vets' advice and got a spray from him to spray in all the nooks, crannies and soft furnishings. It did the trick.

I advise you to ask the vet. I can't remember what the spray was called but it cost around £20 from the vet (7 years' ago)
I would second going to the vets for something, petshop products aren't strong enough to get rid of infestations.

When I lived in a shared house it was the only thing that worked (why do some people not treat their pets?) I also had to keep the stairs to my room constantly treated and spray myself if I spent anytime outside my room. (So glad I moved out).


I will be a Princess!
Thank you both for the replies. I think I'll ask her where the nearest vet is to here and I'll go and get something. We can't treat the poor cat with anything else as he's just had frontline and a flea collar (how the poor thing hasn't been poisoned I don't know!) but if I can get some spray to kill the eggs then hopefully that would solve the problem! xx
best product for fleas is frontline... get it from vets or the big shops like pets at home. it has to be signed for. bob martin stuff can be used to keep fleas away but is no good for killing them... i had terrible time with them few yrs ago when i first got my cat. but thankfully frontline done its job and within 48hrs we were rid completely... good luck
i used to be a vet nurse ... the cat needs treated with frontline COMBO from a vets ( its prescription strength ) then your house will need treated with a type of spray that will also be available from the local vets....

buy from the vets as they offer prescription strength that pet stores are not licensed to stock. the packaging will usually look the same.

Well i know over here in NI thats the case in the UK may be diff but as far as im aware its the same.

The cat must be in pain with flea bites itself .. it may be immune to frontline combo and may need a course of injections .. however this is usually only in extreme cases but its still a possibility

I know its not up to you as its not your cat .... but the only way to treat the problem is to treat the cat and then the house

hope this helps :)

oh yeah, if you do get the spray for the house remember to spray the curtains .... and skirting boards
its not 1 that i have came across ... there are loads of diff named ones ... i would say stay away from Doc Martin ... waste of money never lasts the full run if ya get what i mean.

there is a big tin of spray we stocked and atm i just cant remember the name of it ... its a red and black tin and a pic of a flea on the front of it ... its bout £16 a tin and very very good.

ID say if that spray has good reviews then go for it but i would go to the local vets and see what they stock as more than often it will be a higher strength


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Hi ya, were having a similar problem! and the cats had been frontlined regularily. I have even had the pest control out but i still seem to have a problem, My legs too are covered in bites.
What we have been doing which seems to be working, is the Johnsons flea pills. kills the fleas on the cats within 15 mins, just have to keep repeating until you kill all the generations, that will hatch from eggs all ready dropped around the house.
I sympatize, its horrible!
thats why you need to treat the house as well as the animal and remember fleas can transfer from cats to dogs but not from dogs to cats so treat all animals in the home
Frontline never worked for my two cats. We now use Advocate - it's more expensive than Frontline but I haven't seen a flea for years!!! I know how awful it is when you've got fleas in the house so I sympathise with you.

I'll never forget the day when my daughter proudly announced to our next-door neighbour that we had to call the pest control man in from the council because we had fleas!!

Good luck!
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Hi Sian, it's not embarrassing at all - unfortunately it's a fact of life when you've got cats!

Staykil or indorex spray - make sure you spray everywhere! Include furniture, curtains, carpets, between floorboards etc and really go to town on the places that the cat sleeps!

Frontline for the cat to try and prevent them in the first place!

Hope that helps! x
Have you used the flea smoke bombs you can get from the pet shops? Mother had a couple of bad flea infestations in her house and they worked really well.
Wee Doll - I don't suppose you know anything about Indorex do you? It says it's a veterinary spray that kills fleas for up to 12 months. It seems to have excellent reviews from people who've used it xx
Thats exactly what I was a bout to recommend. I've used it in the past for fleas and mites, and its works brilliantly.

Someone mentioned the smoke bombs - these work but the entire room gets covered in a layer of dust so takes a lot of work after the bomb has gone off. Also, this is a problem if you have pets, where as the indorex is safer for the pets.

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Oh we had this problem & we used this bomb thing. I can't rem the name but u make sure all plants living things are out of the room & u light it. It smokes the whole room but defo worked for us. I got it in the pet shop. I'll have a google for it &let u no x
My enormous gang of cats and dogs fleas are totally immune to Frontline, Stockade etc. You name it, we have tried it. The only thing that works are tablets called Capstar. www.ah.novartis.com/products/.../capstar_dog.shtml -

Stay away from the petshop stuff, it wont even touch the fleas to be honest, you definately need something from your local vets, it is more expensive of course but will do the trick.

I think we used to get something called advantage from our vets to treat our cats. But the other ones that have been suggested work just as good.

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