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Best things about being slim?

Hi all :)

I'm often thinking about my reasons for starting SW and all the things I dislike about being big.

I thought it'd be good to hear from those of you that are at target, or anyone who's already feeling/seeing the benefit of losing weight.

So, what are the best things for you about being slim/slimmer?

Mine would be:

*Fitting into clothes I'd had stored away for 7 years.
*Being the smallest I have been for around 10 years.
*Not feeling like the biggest person whenever I go out.
*Feeling more feminine.
*Being able to feel my hip bones! (still padded, but they are there!!!) ;)
*Running around with my children without feeling like I'll collapse.
*Realising that this time, it really will happen and I'll get to target!
*Fitting into clothes 2/3 sizes smaller.
*Looking back at pictures of me 4 stone heavier and knowing I won't let myself go back there!

I'm really looking forward to the day when I have the confidence (and body) to wear whatever I want. :)
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  • Being able to fit into trendier clothes
  • Not feeling like anyone is looking at me if I happen to have the odd order of chips while out
  • Not feeling tired all the time
  • Feeling sexier for me and my hubby
Great thread. I still have a ways to go yet, but already feeling the benefits and getting the comments that I look thinner, which while embarassing, is nice :D
Ooh agree with those too Steph!

I'm a way off too but realised I don't often recognise how much I am losing, only how far I have to go. Really pleased you're already seeing good things too :D
The best things for me are:

Skinny jeans tucked into knee high boots - joy!
Being able to eat cake without evil stares from people
Feeling good about how I look
Looking back at my photos and knowing I'll never go back there
Knowing when I go on holiday and expect a gain, that it won't be 3 stone and I'll lose the weight again soon
Knowing I'll look better at 40 (soon!) than I did at 30
OH being proud of me and being proud of myself
Being an ispiration at my class for those who are still on their journey (I struggle with being told this but I do get told so I need to believe it!)
There are so many more but these are those which spring to mind.
Sadly for me, losing weight didn't sort out my high blood pressure but I know now that it isn't weight related so I've done the best I can.


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Wearing sexy bras :p underneath my uniform at work :eek:

Actually wanting to wear more fitted tops cos baggy jumpers don't show how my michelins gone down!

Being able to cross my legs without having to help with my hand!

Not feeling my belly resting on my thighs when I'm sat down!

How long have you got? :p


Wishing and hoping!
feeling comfortable in clothes, loving shopping again (eve though if some itemsdont fit at mo, knowing that I can soon get into them) being intimate with my OH again and not worrying what I look like ;)


Slow but sure....
I'll let you know when I get there ladies - at the moment I still have a long, long way to go.

But, I have found 2 skirts in my wardrobe that are too big now, and my fleece is enormous so I shall have to get a new one, so things are beginning to happen in the weight loss department, LOL....

Wacky Jacky

Size 10 in time for 2010!
Benefits Galore!

Where do I start? I can relate to most of the other posts already on here but would like to add to them ...........

;) Being able to wear nice "skimpy", "sexy" undies and actually feel really good in them! - Instead of having to wear cotton cyclying-type shorts (like bloomers) because my inner thighs used to rub together so much when I walked, I used to go through jars of sudocream, baby nappy rash cream!

;) Being able to wear more or less whatever I want - even borrowing trendy clothes from my 4 daughters (who tend to wear size 10's mostly)!

;) Not feeling "frumpy" and "granny-like" as I used to do in my bigger clothes! The bigger ones I do still wear are really "baggy" T-shirts which I wear when running - they cover up everything now, not tight-fitting like they once were!

;) Being able to wear a slim, high heel without breaking them! I used to "try" wearing a heel when I was bigger but I've broken a few in my time, just because of my weight on the thin heel! I would have to wear a more "chunky" heel back then, which felt a bit "granny-like" to me!

;) I AM a "granny" but I don't feel like an old one now! I can run around and enjoy being with the grandchildren much more nowadays!

;) I really LIKE looking back at my "fat" photos as the grandchildren call them, and my youngest grandaughter says they're the "photos of Nana when she was older" - that really makes me laugh out loud!

I've still got a half stone to shift, but I'm certainly getting there and it's great already ............ just don't want to get too complacent or too relaxed as I want to get rid of this 7lbs by Christmas!
;) I really LIKE looking back at my "fat" photos as the grandchildren call them, and my youngest grandaughter says they're the "photos of Nana when she was older" - that really makes me laugh out loud!
Love this, what a great thing to hear! :)


Want to do it this time!!
Being able to cross my legs without having to help with my hand!

To be honest that's the one thing I've always wanted to do too!!!

It's the little things that make me want to lose weight. Going to buy clothes and worrying that, once again, my size isn't there.
Going out with my friends and having to wear a cardi over my dress to cover my bat wings. Throwing away my tankini!! Oh the pleasure, I could go on and on.
Scouzer. X

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