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Best time to exercise

Hey there I think it depends on the individual. I play badminton twice a week and Ive been taking a full shake an hour before I exercise and I find that I dont get lightheaded when Im playing. I did however forget to take one before playing and I was feeling very dodgy during it.

Just see how it goes for you, important to listen to your body, hope that helps a bit!?!
Helps loads thanks as it's badminton i'm playing tonight :)

Want to squeeze in as much exercise as possible before my first weigh on on Wednesday!
excellent!!!! I found that I drink so much water when I play badminton so bring extra water because you will need it and as it's your first week I wouldnt go too mad at the game (I know it's hard) but if you feel dizzy or lightheaded take a break and drink some water- the last thing you want is to fall down and faint. As I said- just listen to your body!

Have you been playing long? I only started lessons in January and went from the Beginners course to Intermediate (which is finishing tomorrow) but Im participating in a summer camp which will get me game experience and I hope to join a local club in September. I really enjoy it, it is so much. I didnt think I would ever say that about exercise!!! ;)

Best of luck tonight!!
I've enjoyed playing badminton since school but never took part in any organised activities.

Well done to you for progressing so quickly, It's not the easiest sport to play and I get a much better work playing it as opposed to squash.

Looking forward to it but have jelly legs already :)


Here we go again!
Hi you two, another badminton player here. I have my shake about 2 hours before I play and drink plenty of water during it too.

I came back to playing after about a 20 year break. The club put me in the friendly team this year but next season I've been asked to play in the ladies team or the mixed team. Really pleased with that cos I love my badminton and playing matches means another night of exercise for me, so it's all good!

Enjoy your games tonight but like already's been said, take it easy and drink plenty of water, any sign of shaking or feeling faint, take a break.
Hey Jopolson dont worry you will be fine hope you are having fun!

Bev- I must say Im addicted to badminton now!!! and doing LT has definitely improved my speed although Im still not fast enough to get to those darn net shots (I think Im more of a smasher to be honest!)
Helps loads thanks as it's badminton i'm playing tonight :)

Want to squeeze in as much exercise as possible before my first weigh on on Wednesday!
Don't do too much, burning more calories than you're taking in from the shakes will have a negative effect on you weight loss as your body will go into starvation mode. This is fact and why many diets don't work


Here we go again!
Hey Tootiefrootie, I think once you get into badminton it really does get addictive. I absolutely love it. I promised myself last year that if I lost enough weight I would start it again, and I did. I'm getting a lot quicker myself and all my old shots are coming back to me too. I started playing at 7 years old, thanks to my dad coaching me, then a proper coach took over and I played for clubs since the age of 11.

Really good workout isn't it? Can't wait for the league season to start in September and get into some really good games. Our club won the ladies and the mixed leagues this year, so hope we can do as well this year.

The more you play the better you get so stick with it and those crafty net shots will become much easier to get! (I'm a smasher too, especially to men who think you can't do it!)

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