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If you do it before eating, it automatically burns fat instead of the calories you're eating so that is better. However I can't wait too long in the morning, otherwise I feel faint. That's the sort of thing you really have to want to do. Otherwise I could imagine it being good at any time really. I just find that working out too close to my bed time keeps me up longer than it should.


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I have been told several times that the best way to do it is to have a protein shake or something light like a homemade smoothie (healthy one of course) and then exercise and then have brekkie.

If you're a walker/jogger/runner I've been told it's best to run in the early morning because the air is more oxygen rich before 7am.

For home exercise I personally find mid morning to be best but I have to agree with the above advice for walking and running in the early morning :)


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And also because early exercise stokes up your metabolism and keeps it burning better throughout the day? Apparently....
It's recommended to have something light (smoothie/protein shake is ideal) 1/2hr or so before, then your meal 20-30mins afterwards. So the 'experts' recommend anyway!

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I started going to the gym a few months ago in the morning before work with no food on me because i was commuting so running for the train and in 3 weeks i lost 7 pound. I was in gyms before and was losing nothing when going in the evening? i dont know why?