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Well how cross am I tonight! How am I going straight back on CD in the morning no looking back! well 1000 cals!
Went to Cub fireworks night tonight and had to wear hubby yellow! waterproof as put mine on and it was too big! way too big! Anyway, saw loads people there I knew and I swear every other person called me big bird! I said to one 'Oh nice' and he said well your wearing yellow and your BIG!:mad: So for once I haven't come home thinking I'm going to raid the fridge, cupboards and biscuit barrell but come on here to rant so sorry lovelies I just had to get it off my chest! So maybe what I should do is get a pic of Bird Bird and stick it on my fridge to keep my anger up!!!

Kam x
oh that was so awful of them. I'm glad it's made you feel positive about doing the diet rather than the opposite though.

I can't imagine how bad you must be feeling :(
Thats horrible!!!Wat a way yo bring you down...I bet you had felt fab when your own gear was too big and then to have some muppet make you feel like sh*t....aaarrrrgggghhh!!!

Anyway, venting here is a gizillion times better than burying your head in the fridge or food cupboards!!

I know they were only joking but it hurt as I am 4 stone lighter than last year! Just hit a raw nerve thats all.
People are very cruel and I know the one that said I was big will be getting his ear firmly bashed by his wife now! she was mortified. But I will get him back you can count on it!!
Yes it has made me positive I'm going to show people I can do it.....but don't think I'll ever wear yellow again!

Night all.

Kam x
You have done so well Kam, people are very ignorant, and bad mannered, so good for you for not eating, i am sure soon though they will be caling you a little chick.
'some muppet'

Oh Kazz I wish I'd call him that instead of what I did! :eek:

Just got a text from my mate saying her DH is an arse! and shes told him to phone and apologise....have texted back saying he's done me a favour I'm not upset just cross and yes he is an arse!!! her text back... LOL!

Kam x

P. S I'm so tired but blasted fireworks are still going!
Your mate was right - her DH WAS an ar$e ... she was probably mortified!

Some people have mouths that should be permanantly taped over. :mad:

But try not to let it overshadow the REAL situation here, which is that you were wearing hubby's waterproof because yours was TOO BIG!! :)
An achievement worth noting and not buried under the pathetically childish comment of someone with the brain capacity of a cabbage.

WELL DONE KAM!! Evidence that you're tackling your weight loss battle and winning!! XX
Joke or not its pathetic how some people only get a sense of power by making horrible comments to others. :( Don't think anyone has the right to chip in with comments about size. How would he have liked it if you had said "hello big nose" ? (or some other truthful but out of his control feature of his)

Kazz you are doing great and do it for you not for rude swines. I also think its great that it didn't send you to the biscuit tin. :) it probably would have for me.
Ahh thanks all.
Well the ar$e him self rang today to apologise! Not to bothered now I can laugh about it something a year ago I may have cried about.
Little chick....lets hope so! I would like to be at goal for my 40th in 2008!
Kam xx
Um, can I put a spin on this? Is it perhaps that you are so much slimmer that people dare to say things? I noticed when i was 3 stone heavier no one ever said anything related to my size or shape but as I got thinner they did. it was like 'you are more normal now so making fun is not such a big deal' Just a thought and anyway, i always thought big bird was gorgeous so there's another spin!

That's a really good point Barb! Do you notice how people will say to people who aren't very big things like 'shift your fat bum so I can squeeze in'. They probably wouldn't say that to someone with a GENUINLY fat bum!

What a fantastic piece of observation Barb!

I once told my daughter she looked like the Incredible Hulk because she was wearing green trousers and a green top ... she's built like a racing snake so I was referring to the colour and not her build. But if I'd said it to someone who had an issue with their weight (even if I didn't perceive them as big) they may well have taken it very, very differently.
I'm so glad that he rang to apologise - at least this might teach him a lesson about good manners! As for DH - it doesn't stand for Darling Husband in my book!!!:D :eek:

What is it with our society? :confused: Anyone more than a size 12 is vilified and scorned, abused and humiliated. The larger you are, the worse the abuse and , it seems, the more license people have to comment!!

One of my ex's said I looked like a traffic cone in my orange fleece! :eek: (I can laugh about it now) I was so hurt - especially as he said it in front of his son who then took great pleasure it telling anyone and everyone! I have never worn that fleece since. In fact - I think it went to the sally army so some other poor soul can have the same problem if she has a cruel boyfriend!:rolleyes:

People simply do not realise how hurtful they are, I had one bloke ask me (years ago) what would I do for a face if Godzilla wanted his face and body back so I told him,... "I'd send him to you!".:eek: I was a bolshy 17yr old. I knew I was good looking - ROFL!!!!:D :p :p :p

He was stumped then! But more often than not we can't think of smart retorts, just shame and embarassment.

When some kids started calling me names one day in the school playground I got down to their level and called them over - I said to them... " You know what, you are right, I AM fat, but I do have mirrors at home so I don't need you to tell me. It is rude to say something very personal about people. Imagine if there was something you didn't like about yourself and everyone pointed at you and said "He's got a big nose" or "He wets the bed" or "she is ugly"... it's not nice and it would upset you, so don't do it to other people. "

It was a number of years ago now, and the mothers were all there too, but you know what, not one of those kids EVER insulted me again.

Perhaps nowadays it would be different, :confused: but my response would be the same.;)

And - going for the positive spin.....:D

I did think once that if the ONLY thing anyone can criticise me for is my weight then that's bloomin' marvellous!!!:eek: ;) :D hee hee (little do they know about the axe-wielding psycho each month!!!!)

Oh, and I LOVE Big Bird .... what a lovely character, and,.. I am SO impressed that you didn't hit the biscuit box/barrel/jar/supermarket biscuit section/local bakery!!!

What self control!! Good one you!

I would have been sorely tempted to say - well if you think I'm big now you should have seen me BEFORE I lost the 4 stone this year!!!!:eek:

OR... good job I'm not overweight due to some terrible terminal illness or you would feel really crap right now eh?;)
People are so damn evil!!
I know how you feel Kam .. I went camping couple of weekends ago and someone we had met at the site previously was chatting away to me then leaned over and prodded my belly saying "I used to be like you" ... and everytime I had a vodka and soda she said "and that won't help".
Hubby showed them wedding pics and everyone was going on about how much weight I'd put on since then and how "cuddly" I was now!
I admit I walked away with a smile on my face, got to the bathroom and cried my heart out!
2 days later I was on the Cambridge diet - it had confirmed what I already suspected and after suffering with depression for so long knew it was the only way to give me a real boost!
1st weigh in tonight and I can't wait! :eek:)
Burtbird....good luck with the weigh in tonight.

FatFairNForty(ish)....DH never thought of that one! ;) :eek: He did see me at 19 stone +! my weight last year and never commented before. Your right though the bigger you are the more abuse you seem to get! Even my MIL patted my tummy not that long ago and asked if I was pregnant again!

Barb....never looked at it that way before.

Well who cares I'm back on track this moring and have one hell of a headache to prove it! Should I get a headache on 1000 cals? This time I will do it. And next year I'll be sticking a firework up his....
Kam x
Burtbird.... :) Good luck on the CD, it's day 27 for me and my 4th weigh in tomorrow... and I have to say... I have never felt phsically better in my life! :D The only negatives are scummy breath and feeling SO darn cold all the time... but... good old Extra gum and thermal long johns sort both those out!;) :) Small price to pay to get to where I want to be...:rolleyes:

Best of luck to you and welcome to the board - the folks here are lovely.

Oh, and Kami... I'd get a catheringe wheel for that job!!!:eek: :D :D :D :D