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Big Birdy is back and motivated!


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It must be 3 years since I was on cd, I cant really remember. Have been through a very nasty year with another 6 months of it ahead.I am now on the mend. I maintained for so long and then with all that has happened over the past year 2.5 stone has leapt up from somewhere and clung on for grim death!

1) I have got a wedding to go in August (not mine, lol!), and WILL NOT be going in a tent.
2) I also have a court date at the end of June and I will have to buy a suit.
3)My new chap knew me from a size 12, and now I am leaping into bed and covering up a size 16.
4) My acid reflux is returning.

So 4 good reasons to take my life back into my hands (and mouth), and get back to how I was and when I was happy. :)

My tracker is reset and is thankfully no where as bad as when I started years ago. The only way is up!
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Nikki!! Great to see you around the place hun, although sorry to hear what a difficult year you have had and are still going through. I hope everything works out for the best and good luck with SS, although you sound so determined I don't think you'll need it!!



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Day 5!!! two sticks of celery filled with cottage cheese to take away the hunger pangs and thats it. The Ketosis fairy must have visited by now! I have come out in an allergic rash over my back and chest since I started CD......... I hope its not the CD!


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The rash was probably due to a new uniform I had to wear without washing it first. Thank goodness!
I have lost 10lbs so far. I have been really, really good. Except for once. Then I was stuck at the docs for an hour and a half, and then a&e for seven hours........... for my son not me, and yes, he is ok! So I came home and had a voddie and coke zero. It was purely medicinal. But never again as I woke up with the mother of all headaches!!
I went into town today and caught sight of myself in shop windows.....I still have a way to go. I am off work all next week and will be sorting out my wardrobe for the new me! Well the potential new me. I have a wardrobe of things that I cant fit into, but it will be good to sort them out and see what I have. I'm feeling a bit low today, dont know why though, so perhaps a wardrobe and shoe shuffle is just what I need.

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