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Big FAT disaster = me


Going for Goal!
You may all think I am harsh to myself, but I need to be.

Today I was FAT and had a cooked breakfast.

What more can I say...

No wonder i'm as big as a whale.

I'm sorry. I'm sat here blubbering my eyes out. I feel really down. Only got myself to blame.

What gets me is, for most of my life I have been so unhappy with my weight. It has ruined my life. I was bullied at school, which makes me quite untrusting of people and what they 'really' think of me. And I now have the 2nd opportunity to do what I have always wanted and loose weight, and what do I do? Let myself down by proving i'm a born fat cow.


I'm sorry peeps, just ignore my negative post, you are all doing so well and shouldn't be pulled down by failures.
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Hiya Emma

Please dont beat yourself up over this, its one breakfast. Tommorrow is a new day, you dont need to *start* the whole thing again, today was just a blip. carry on tommorrow as usual.

Beating ourselves up as gotten some of us where we are today, I know it has with me, its part of that vicious cycle.

Come on now, your doing good, you have had a blip, but you can carry on.

dry your eyes hunny, tommorrow is a new day xxx
Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start again.

Perhaps you could treat this as a learning curve and you've just learnt your first lesson in your new way of life??

Hugs to you... Though I won't be too soft as perhaps you want that kick up the butt??? Keep going and remember that if you're spending so much money on these packs and then still eating, you're wasting your money.. and I'd rather be fat than foolish xxx

Dry your eyes hun and brave it again tomorrow xx


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Come on gal, you need to find some determination, ive never been any good with will power but i pressed the stop button and decided im not going to fat any more, find that stop button and press it today, Tomorrow, is a new start, chin up you have it in you we all do.


Say it in Dr Evil style!!
its sounds like u really want this hun so dust yourself off and think 2 moros another day ......
when u feel like doing this again have a look at the thread on here b4 and after pictures of people this really spurs me on or i look at my pic from when i was 24st !!

you can do this hun !


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It's so easy to slip from a diet.
Don't beat yourself up because of it. It happens to the best of us. Keep on going with the diet like it never happend. The more you think about it the worse you'll feel. :(
Hey Emma
Stop the negative stuff you are so not a disaster - its life and its how you deal with it that counts. The fact that you came on here to tell us all shows you are doing the right thing - asking for support from people who understand. This is not an easy thing to do, learn from it - maybe empty your fridge? I am not sure of your situation, mine is full because I have two adult men and a 15 year old daughter to feed. However when you are in Ketosis you really can do this as although it is still something you would like to eat you can resist. I promise you can do this and the feeling of accomplishment and self worth is amazing.

Lots of love
leanbean xx


Emma, Get a hold of yourself woman!

Its only a breakfast, no-ones died. Just draw a line over/under it and get back on track. Long term yes it might mean an extra day on SS, and your weigh in this week may be a bit skewed but you are still in here with us.

And stop calling yourself a fat cow. Personally speaking, I would deck anyone who called me that to my face, so I don't see why I should do it to myself.

Back on the wagon? :hug99:


always struggling
Hi Emma, awwww babe dont beat yourself up - we are all hear for you and like everyone above has said "tomorrow is another day, pick yourself up, dust yourself down and you get back on track" ;)

We all have our off days and I certainly do!! Negative thoughts are a waste of energy think of all the good things that make you smile and you will do this - we all will :cool:

So...... onwards and upwards lets do this journey together ... follow the yellow brick road, follow the yellow brick road -:giggle: I know I know just got carried away :D Big hugs :hug99: x
Just wanted to post something from the "No Willpower Required" email last week:

"If you originally had ten stone to lose and when you had reduced by five stone you ate a Mars Bar and went straight back to a calorie controlled diet afterwards, then you would still be slim at the end of it. Therefore, when you do step off of your diet and decide conciously to eat something, just accept that you made a decision in life, no different than what to wear today."

Give yourself a shake and get back on, you'll be fab!
Wish they were my words!
I'll post the whole message for anyone who doesn't get the email
Hope Mike doesn't mind! :eek:
I just find him really honest and inspiring.....

Mike Scott's No Willpower Required Newsletter

The problem with a lot of people who overeat is that they overeat to cheer up! Therefore, when you are on a diet you think you aren't very happy and you can't eat to cheer up about it!

The problem then comes when you do eat.....because you have eaten you actually get a few seconds of nice stuff followed by a feeling that you have failed. You then have a learnt behaviour that when you have failed you use food to make yourself happy again and you get stuck in the circle.

The reality is, of course, that if you do eat something you haven't "blown" a diet, you haven't "fallen off the diet wagon" and you certainly aren't a huge failure. You made a choice to stop your diet while you had some calories, and that is about it!

If you originally had ten stone to lose and when you had reduced by five stone you ate a Mars Bar and went straight back to a calorie controlled diet afterwards, then you would still be slim at the end of it. Therefore, when you do step off of your diet and decide conciously to eat something, just accept that you made a decision in life, no different than what to wear today.

Now of course, I would question what is more important to you. Do you want to be slim and healthy or would you rather have that instant food fix? If you really want the food that much then don't pull yourself to bits over it.

I chatted with a couple this week who had bought each other an Easter Egg for Easter and sat and ate the whole egg on Sunday night. They were absolutely devastated they had done it and couldn't understand why.....

I asked them a few guided questions and it was about the two of them sharing an experience together and relaxing on the sofa enjoying themselves. Now funnily enough that seems pretty reasonable to me!! What they needed to understand is that they chose to do it. Eating for the next 3 days as they had "blown" their diet would also be a choice, and a choice that, I am glad to say, they didn't take.

Let's turn this to you! When you "break" your diet do you ever then think "Well I might as well just eat now as I have ruined it"....I can remember breaking a popular diet in the late 1990's and literally going on a binge for 2 weeks. I had not eaten carb for so long that once I was off the diet I was making up for lost time. I chose to stop that diet but I also then chose to keep eating! Had I just of had the slice of bread and got back to the diet then who knows what success I could, and would, have created.

Now I am not saying that the best thing to do isn't to just do a diet 100% properly as that is the quickest way to get slim but if you do "wobble" then just move on and going back to last week's newsletter...don't beat yourself up!

So, the next time you choose to break your diet then don't blow it...don't see it as an opportunity to just eat loads. Just accept you made a choice and then make a choice to keep going. It isn't a race to be slim....to me it is all about getting slim in a healthy, safe and controlled manner, and much more importantly, staying slim.

As always have an amazing week and talk Saturday!

Mike :)


Cambridge Consultant
Hey hon
Chin up!.. tomorrow is a new day start afresh and you will feel much better in the morning ..
You can do it and it sounds like you really want to.. Hang in there hon and we are all there for you... & here to support each other..
Big hugs xx

Dieting Rambler

Size 14 Here I Come!
Dust yourself off and pick yourself up, don't throw all your hard work away over some sausages and bacon.......

Look, I know what you are going through, I know that you feel that you don't deserve to be slim and healthy, that you use food to punish yourself and to reward yourself.....but I can tell you hand on heart you DESERVE to be slim, healthy and happy.......take 1 day at a time, don't focus on the end goal, focus on getting through today, each day adds together and slowly days turn into a week, a week turns in to a month and before you know it you will do this!

Together we will all do this!
Emma firstly :gen126:

secondly :copon:
The latter is for calling youself such a horrid name!!!

Emma all of us have struggled, it;s a fact and anyone who say's that being overweight isnt more in the head than just to do with food is bonkers..

If it were easy we would all be skinny minis but it isn't.... You absolutely CAN do it, but remember noone can change the past, to beat yourself up about it is pointless. Tomorrow is always another day....
It does get easier if that helps!
Good luck with putting it behind you and moving on :)

Hi Emma, i just want to see if your ok. I agree with everyone else. Draw a line under today and tomorrow is a new day, start afresh. We all have bad days, wouldnt be human otherwise!! x

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