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Big lad on a long journey


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Hi all. Been looking for a forum today as i feel i need a bit of support on my road to a new life.
I was diagnosed with typeII diabetes in Jan 2009. As with anything shocking and new i went hell for leather to lose weight as i was about 350lbs. I actually lost 44 kgs by July that year. Then i sort of lost interest and now my weight has rocketed back up to 353lbs.
Because of my weight i get very hot and sweat alot( i know, not nice) so that stops me going out socializing. My closest friends know how i feel and don't make fun and just ignore when i have to mop my brow all the time. I would love to go swimming but don't because i am too embarrassed.
My housemate has been into nutrition for a long time and has devised a meal plan for me. It seems to be a lot of food but it is the right food and little and often.
Sorry if i have waffled on but this is the first time i have put pen to paper(as it were) and told people how i feel.
Thanks for reading.
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Life is not a Rehersal!
You have made a good choice to get onto the forum! Honestly...I would not be where I am without some of the great friends I have made on here...no one judges, and I have messed up many a time I can tell you, but they are still there, right behind me, willing me to get there!

Sorry to hear tht you dont feel you can socialise; use that to make some mini goals...and therefore your journey wont seem so daunting! Being overweight stops you/us from reaching our potential...I never holidayed for year because I felt so self concious, and in some ways still do even although I have lost a lot of weight...it is the head that needs sorting now!!

What a lovely friend you have devising an eating plan for you! Post what you are having and people will give advice, etc as well and if yo are really struggling, jump on here and just tell everyone and whoever is on will give as much advice as they can.

Good luck on your journey..take it one step at a time, but do get some mini goals down so that you have something to look forward to!!

Take care


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Doing fine, thanks for asking. Had a good day today, went out for a couple of walks and ate well.
Hoping for good results on the scales in the morning.
How you doing? You're not far off your goal now.


Life is not a Rehersal!
eh - brill.....hope it is a good result for you!
Oh, my ticker is a bit out of date, I hate to add...I put a bit more on but back on track again with the Rosemary conley plan and been on around 1200 cals this week, so should lose around 5lb...i probably have about a stone and a half, if not more, to lose!!! It is a rollercoaster I tell ya!!

Keep strong!!


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At least you didn't give up, thats the main thing.
Didn't lose any weight this morning. Think i'll ignore my nutritionists advice and weigh once a week. Don't like the days when i don't lose anything.


Life is not a Rehersal!
I agree........best to weigh just once a week as our body does fluctate from day to day and I always like doing it weekly as it is a surprise!

Oh, will never give up, come to far!!! Even when it is hard I still know I want to get to goal and be healthy more than anything.

Is it right you have lost 14lbs in a week? If so, WAW!!!


Guess whos back...
Hey Slim, Good on ya mate (damn i clearly been down-under too long!) your doing the right thing. Its good to see another guy on here we do seem to be outnumbered probably 50-1 by the ladies! lol ;)

I so know how you feel on everything mate, i hate "going out" as i cant find any decent looking clothes to wear that dont make me look like a walking tent! And i used to love swimming as a kid but like many of us Big Folk i too am way to embarrassed to go near a pool or the sea, maybe if i ever make it to an acceptable size i will return to swimming for fitness but thats a fair way off yet! I even hear ya on the "brow mopping" front brother, nothing worse at work than going up to bosses office which happens to be up 4 flights of stairs without a lift, and then trying to talk to him when a) i panting in a near death state, and b) have sweat dripping off my nose! So your not alone mate.

Your a stronger man than me to do proper dieting and calorie counting and i applaud you for it i really do, i tried eating correctly many times and just found myself eating too bigger portions and sneaking the wrong things in! So only diet that works for me is to totally abstain from food and just take the 3-4 daily shakes of the VLCD diets, i too lost about 4 stone once before and then put it back, so just starting out all over again myself.

Stick with it mate, stay in touch... Could use the "bloke" support... (still love you ladies though too :) )


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Callum i am allowed 2190 according to "myfitnesspal" but have been using under that, sometimes as low as 1700 and not feeling overly hungry. Couple of days i get the munchies in the evening but managed to avoid eating anything. People do help on here cause i feel like i am letting them down as well as myself.
I am not on an actual diet as such though i am restricted. I am on a nutritionally balanced plan from a nutritionist friend.And it's working.

Professor...i went swimming today and had the time of my life. Well, the best time exercising in 6 years anyway. My old job involved the water, in the sea etc so really missed. And i hardly felt embarrassed at all. It was great. Do it. Get over that first hurdle and after that it will be easier.(I hope anyway, i'll tell you tomorrow as i'm going again)
hi slim104 and welcome to the forums! I joined last week and have found everyone on here really supportive and there are loads of hints and tips on here as well!

Good luck on your weight loss journey :)

Sharkbait1983 x

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