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Big time wobbling...

Hi all,

Help! Advice needed please!

As you can see below I've been doing SS for about 11 weeks now, and can actually say I've enjoyed it (!) but this weekend and today, I've just had enough! During the 11 weeks I've felt like this for a day, but I'm always okay the day after and back on track.

I'm due to start 790 when I lose 6lbs, and maybe that's it - ie I can see an end in sight so it just makes it seem harder! But at the moment I feel like jacking it all in and just eating healthily!

I even got into size 12 trousers at the weekend, and even that didn't motiviate me. I'm a hopeless case. Also, my weight loss has really slowed down - I've never lost it that fast anyway (3lbs a week) but now it's gone to 2lbs - so I'm SSing for only 2lbs a week, which I just can't do!

Help! did anyone else feel like this when they neared the end? Did your weight loss slow too?

:cry:Just feel like I've had enough :cry:

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Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Hi Sharon....maybe you need to go onto the higher plan sooner rather than later....have a chat with your CDC and tell them how you are feeling. I think it would be better for you to move up now.

You need to work through the plans otherwise you may start putting weight back on if not followed properly.
listen to maggie - she's a legend!

You've done so well hun, work your way up. if you were on WW for 11 weeks i bet you wouldnt still be losing 2lbs a week. 2lbs a week at BMI 26 is amazing if you ask me :D

Thank you both.

Ok - I'm getting weighed tomorrow, so I'll talk to my CDC, but I think i WILL go onto 790 - that should stop me going off the diet completely, and hopefully I'll still lose!

Been reading this FAB site, about recipe ideas for 790 and I'm feeling quite excited, so I'll pop to the shops (can't remember the last time I went food shopping!) on way back from CDC.

Thanks so much, you've been v. helpful, feeling a little better already

good luck hun. let us know how you get on xxxxxxx


Silver Member
You've done so well so far, i think it's only natural to start feeling a bit fed up with things when your so close to target. Sounds like 790 is the best step for you, enjoy, i can't wait to start moving up the plans :D


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790 IS just healthy eating - I've been on 790 for a few weeks now (just up to 1000 first time today - was on SS before 790) and I've been loving it. Huge quantities of food, and it's really satisfying too. I think 790 is great because it defines the healthy eating eg X grams chicken and Y spoons veggies rather than my usual habits of "A donut? That's healthy.. enough". It teaches portion control and the food can be pretty good if you get creative :)

Good luck whatever you choose
Lots of love,
Ida xx
Hi all,

Thanks for your support.

Well just been for weigh in and as suspected I lost 2lbs. I know it's still a lot when I now only need to lost a stone, but I guess I'd still get the 3lbs I'd always got, and worked out when I'd get to goal with that in mind.

Anyhoooo I'm feeling a tad better today, so I'm going to attempt my last SS week. my CDC said then I should do a AAMW then 790, that way my body will be used to food by Xmas. (good as I plan to eat & Drink!)

Will drink and drink this week and see if I can get 3lbs on my last SS week ever (hopefully!!!) wish me luck!

Thanks again everyone

Good luck for this week Sharon. Hopefully you'll find it easier to stick to for one last week now you know the end is in sight :)

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