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BIGMICKEY new member

Hi All :):):):)
I am 46 and have been recommended the Lipo plan by my doctor and local chemist. I had reached a collosal 25st 11lbs (6ft 1" bmi 48!!!:(:() so needed to find something that would work for me. Have tried all the 'faddy' diets and they didn't help as I would give up too easily. I have two very young boys 2yrs and 7mths so again really needed to get off my ass!!!!
I have just completed my first week on the plan and I have to say that the first 4 days were awful! But I stuck with it and was very pleasently suprised to find that from day 5 I have not felt at all hungry and seem to have a new found energy!! I have just had my first 'weigh-in' and am delighted to say I have lost 23lbs:party0049::party0049::party0049:in one week! I am sure this level of loss will reduce but I had to share it with you all after reading some of the threads on here.

Heres to next weeks weigh in hello again to you all

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Slowly Shrinking. Yay!!
Hey there, Im Kirsty. Also getting on the band wagon to lose weight. Im 19 and very over weight. So hoping that being in a forum with help encourage me to do great things


Slowly Shrinking. Yay!!
I Hope So :) How long have you been trying for?
I just have such a sweet tooth but i did just buy a treadmill so hopefully i can stick to it. If not im going to be so gutted.:sad0071:


Call me Nicky xx
I started Cambridge Diet on the 19/05/08. I stuck to it 100% and lost 21lbs in 3 weeks, unfortunately I had to come off it so I moved to Slimming World. I gained 1lb in the week between leaving CD and joining SW but have lost 6lbs in the first two weeks. So since the 19/05/08 I have lost 26lbs.


soon to be minnie mouse
hi mickey and welcome to the wonderful world of LT, you have got to be our biggest loser so far so a big well done
Welcome Big Mickey and Kirsty im new here too my second week on the lt diet and very excited. Its nice to have such inspiration.


Slowly Shrinking. Yay!!
Its pretty freakin good!!! Well done :D Im still learning the gist of this site.. are we allowed to swear?? and Im waiting for the admin approval or whatever its called. then i shall figure out a siggy, Uhhh i just did a wait thing to see how much body fat i have.. it says 47 percent :( Ahhh


Call me Nicky xx
No swearing i'm afraid !! well not directly anyway. You can get a ticker (the weightloss bar) straightaway from tickerfactory.com. Once you have created it copy the BB code into your signature (under user CP). oh and dont worry about the fat percent thing, I call myself the walking solid !!

Thanks all for the nice welcome. Yes it does seem a lot of weight in one week I can hardly beleive it myself!! I suppose cos I've so much to lose it has come off fast at first? I'm sure I will be in need of support in the coming weeks its usually the second or third that gets me!! However I must admit this lipo plan does seem to suit me as I really am not feeling any hunger pangs at the mo. My missus is dead chuffed as well so that is spurring me on. I will try and post some pics(when work out how to :confused:) I must be serious this time as I had her indoors take some!! Also never thought I would join one of these sites but you all are so supportive and positive toward each other I had to.
Well thanks again and I will post again soon


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