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Biker Kitty's Random Diary of Wonder!

I thought I would start a diary on here to track my weight loss, trials and tribulations and general rants about daily life. Expect highs and lows, with a risk of some well placed profanities lol. Oh and an over use of the word 'LOL' :D

About Me
Im Amy or Kitty, I answer to both, infact my sister calls me Mim lol. Im 25 and live in Glossop, Derbyshire, which is about 45 minutes from Manchester. I live with my 3 cats, I love my babies and sometimes I wonder what I'd do without them! My main hobbies are music and watching tv, and over-using facebook. Im on there alot, in fact facebook is open in a seperate tab as I write this! I've struggled up and down with my weight for as long as I can remember, so now that ENDS! I've decided that Im not giving up this time, no matter how hard it gets, no matter what gets in my way, I WILL NOT GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Weight Loss/Gain/Loss/Gain History
I started this final diet of my life(!) at the biggest I have ever been, 301 pounds/21 stone 7lbs. I didnt actually realise that my weight had become this high, I have been this weight once before in my life and joined Weight Watchers, that was in 2006 and I managed to lose almost 5 stone. Then I met a boy and the diet went out of the window and I put most of it back on again. In 2008 I ended up in hospital and had to have one of my kidneys removed, I ended up putting the rest of the 5 stone i'd lost back on but I didnt really notice (or care) as I was living in pyjamas and didnt leave the house for 6-8 months. Then I tried to go back to Weight Watchers but the leader I'd really liked has left the group, I just couldnt seem to make it stick or the weight to come off, honestly, I didn't really TRY. I went to Slimming World after that, a few big losses the first 3 weeks, then I stopped going for one reason or another. Then back to Weight Watchers, rejoined numerous times but I just couldnt get my head around it. Each time I gave up. My partner of 3 years then left and I really did give up on most things in my life. That was just over a year ago and now, its a new year, and something has really changed in my head. I know this is it, I just know it is!

Weight Loss Goals
1st Goal: Lose 28lbs
2nd Goal: Lose 20lbs (Total -48)
3rd Goal:Lose 10lbs (Total -58)
4th Goal: Lose 10lbs (Total -68)
5th Goal: Lose 10lbs (Total -78)

*Goals subject to change without notice lol*

So that takes me up to the week before Xmas 2011. The main thing I want to achieve right now is to keep to the diet 100% for as long as I can without a "blip". Today is Day 15 sticking to the diet 100% :D

Weigh Ins
2/1 - Start - 21st 7lb
9/1 - 21st 3lb LOST 4! :bliss:
16/1 - 21st 0lb LOST 3! TOTAL LOSS 7! :D:D
23/1 - 20st 9lb LOST 5!! TOTAL LOSS 12!!!!! :wow:
30/1 - 20st 6lb LOST 3! TOTAL LOSS 15! :D
6/2 - 20st 4lbs LOST 2! TOTAL LOSS 17! :)
13/2 - 20st 2lbs LOST 2 TOTAL LOSS 19!! :D
20/2 - 20st 6lbs GAINED 4 :( TOTAL LOSS 15 (ah a week of crap food!!)
27/2 - 19st 13lbs LOST 7 TOTAL LOSS 22!! :D:D:D
5/3 - 19st 11lbs LOST 2 TOTAL LOSS 24! :D <3
12/3 - 19st 13 GAINED 2 Total Loss 22 :)

Hope you enjoyed that looooong intro post lol and I hope to get to know you slimfasters much better as time goes on.

EDIT 22/1/11
Just thought of some mini goals to keep me going, there really is nothing better than crossing off goals as you complete them!

[strike]294 / 21st [/strike] (16/1)
[strike]280 / 20st [/strike] (27/2)
266 / 19st
252 / 18st
238 / 17st
237 / HALF WAY!
224 / 16st
210 / 15st
209 / BMI Overweight
199 / Into the 100's!
196 / 14st
182 / 13st
174 / GOAL!!!!!!!
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Got my new Wii game today, The biggest loser challenge and just been on it. Done 45 mins and im a bit knackered now!! It seems like a pretty cool workout and overall seems good, you put your measurements in, and height/weight and it changed ur little person on the screen to those measurements, scarily accurate for me and i didnt like what i saw! It good coz its another little boost as to why you are doing what your doing and when your legs feel like they are going to drop off, it gives you that bit extra you need when you see 'yourself' on the screen.

I really can't get rid of my headaches at the moment, its probably a few things like using too much of the computer, change in diet and upping my exercise so my body is sulking lol.

Oh, I signed up for a ZUMBA class today, it starts on Thursday night so im looking forward to that, well im a bit nervous too since im going on my own though!!

Early-ish night for me i think tonight...
Just cooking my tea, chicken and chorizo with jacket potato, broccoli and cottage cheese OMNOM! Done 15 mins on biggest loser game and i set it to "low" intensity coz i was aching all over and it was basically yoga, now i had this thinking that yoga does nothing at all but oh am i aching more than before now! Especially my arms but i know its a good thing!

Mini Non Scale Victory for me today was I ran up the stairs to get something and ran back down and then noticed i wasnt out of breath :D Usually I'd be panting so im quite impressed with that!!

In other news... my rabbit is a b*tch LOL. shes chewed a bit of my wallpaper and was throwing things around her cage before when I was trying to relax lol. So ive given her the food she doesnt like instead of her nice food. Ive just said to her, if you're hungry you'll eat it and now she is lol. Ah my little furry babies <3 lol
Well done for making the changes im sure you will do brilliant,, Zumba is fantastic your gonna love it,, i go once a week and its absolutely fantastic great fun and a brilliant work out i wish my instructor done another class in my area so i could go more.
Love the diary looks like it could be a good read if the start is anything to go by id ay you have a pretty wicked sence of humour
aw thanks very much! Im in 2 minds about the zumba class but im going to give it a go. Im not very good at social situations so i hope that doesnt get in the way of me going and enjoying myself tomorrow night. They actually do a class on monday as well as thursday so if i enjoy it i may find myself going twice a week but I shall see how tomorrow goes before i get ahead of myself!

Today is Day 17 of being 100% angelic on SF :D go me! I have a new mini goal for myself though, to drink ALOT more water, I think I only drink about 2 pints of water a day, if that. I just stood next to the sink and drank 2 big pint glasses of water to try and get rid of this headache Ive had all day and it seems to be working. I laughed though thinking of my grandma, she used to say "i think you need to drink some water, you're leaves are wilting" to make me drink more as a child :D bless her <3
you will love zumba as its not really a social situation as such your working so hard you dont notice people around you
well i didnt end up going to Zumba, i felt a bit crappy yesterday and i fell asleep on the sofa from 6-9 so i missed it lol. My tonsilitis is back with avengance after 4 days off antibiotics. Plus now i think i have a water infection as well. Not a very well or happy bunny :( So im off to the doctors in a bit to see whats going on :( i missed my 2nd shake yesterday because i usually save it for after dinner when i get hungry around 9ish but i wasnt feeling well so went to bed early. Hopefully it wont make too much of a difference.
Went to the doctors at 3pm and i do indeed have a water infection, pretty dangerous with me only having one kidney and all the problems ive had. Its really painful and Ive not felt like this since i had my op so im not very happy. I know why as well, its my own fault, not drinking enough and exercising like a beast! silly me!! so im feeling sorry for myself :(

Viva La Diva

A Brit living in the USA
Popped in to say hello. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well, hope you feel better soon !!! I'm glad you didn't give up on everything, and now you are here !!! And now you have a dream, and you seem to be really motivated, so lots of luck !!!
I love your profile piccy that is a cute Kitty, and yes, I'm a crazy cat lady too !!! Haha !!! I have two new Kittens, who are crazy and I have waited a very long time to get cats again, so I'm sooo happy !!!! Plus they are my Diet Police as they won't let me eat anything without wanting to be involved.....so not much snacking for me at the mo !!!!

They are sleeping right now, ahhhh, peace and quiet, with a nice cuppa !!!!

Diva x
aw i would love a kitten again, my friends cat is pregnant and ive been banned from talking about kittens in any shape or form and banned from visiting them when they are born coz i'll end up with a housefull of cats! i have 3 already :)

Viva La Diva

A Brit living in the USA
Mine are brother and sister rescue Kittens. Sad start in life.....found abandoned on farmland in grass, cold wet and hungry....3 weeks old. Then hand-reared by the rescue charity, and then adopted by me !!! They are the runts of the litter we think, tiny, and weighed about 2lbs each at 3 months.....

Now, getting fatter, and bigger !!! ( the opposite of what I am trying to do !! ) Settling in, and soooo cute !!!!

Diva x
of my 3 cats 2 are brother too, i tend to call the smaller of the two "runty boy" lol im sure he loves it! I weighed my biggest kitty the other day and hes 12lbs!!! Hes a little fatty hehe. Hes the one in my avatar pic, he definately wasnt 12lbs there aww bless him!
just tried a chocolate shake with warm milk and i wont be doing that again, bleh! i had to force it down and ive not had to do that since day 1 when i had the ready made shakes lol. it took me 30 mins to force down the ready made shakes ewww they are nasty, but then i found banana powder shakes and i love them. 1 scoop of banana and 1 scoop of chocolate is my fave twist at the moment, and not WARM! that is apparently wrong to my tastebuds! Im feeling a bit better than I did earlier, still a bit of pain but its easing thanks to co-codamol. I still have 1 more snack to eat... cant possible fit anything else in though after that shake *eww*.

Viva La Diva

A Brit living in the USA
Hi....I sometimes have a shake for Brekkie, if the Diet Police are driving me crazy in the morning !!! I cheat and buy the already made ones in the tins ( as they are here...plus on special at the mo...6 for $4.99 !!! ) My fav ones are Chocolate Royale and Cappucinno Delight, it's just like a Starbucks !!!

Diva x
im feeling a bit better today, just taken my antibiotics but felt a bit sick so i had some quavers and its settled my stomach a bit, i do feel like im going to be sick when i stand up though, so i think i still need to take it easy. I definately havent been drinking enough water so last night from 8pm i made myself drink a pint of water every hour till 12 and im going to do the same today or at least every other hour. Really need to flush this infection out, if it goes up into my kidney its a hospital trip so i dont want that!!! Im going for a lie down, feel crappy again :(
I hope your cats are giving you cuddles they seem to know when people are ill. Drink lots, trouble with kidney medication it tends to make you feel even worse, sleep drink sleep.

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