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Sorry hun, dont worry I havent deserted you had a bit of an AWOL moment!!Lol

How are you?? Have you still been good, I wasnt at work yest had a 4hr assessment up London for another job was awfull!! Very harsh and soul destroying, sorry to confess i fell off the wagon massively!! Found comfort down the pub with massive plate of food which included chips!!!! Feel terrible today, but going to be good for rest of week (honest)

I hope your ok Charlie, you are my motivator!!!!

Thanks for the message its nice to know i was missed xxxxxx
lol, as long as you are still here thats all that counts.

Come on you, you can do it. Is a bugger when we fall off the wagon, but it happens. Get back on that horse (so to speak) and start again.

Am doing fine ta, finding the control thing good pmsl. Am trying a meal at lunch time today with dh as he is off out this evening and can't wait until 8.30pm to eat a proper dinner. Will see how it goes.

Stick with it hun, forget the hic-cup and move on. Sorry to hear the assessment was soul destroying. They don't deserve you.

Charlie xx
Thanks hun, I need to hear that!! Drinking lots of diet coke it really fills me up.

Glad to hear your staying strong!! Well done (you are good :)) Thats a really good idea the meal at lunch time, let me know how it goes.

Thank you, it was awful they called me lunch time only 2 people passed out of 10 which included me!! Couldnt believe it, am still in shock!!Lol next stage is an interview, how hard is it to get a job nowadays!!!!

Hope you have a nice eve xxxx :p
:happy096: thats great news about the assessment. Hope the interview isn't too awful. Whats the job?

Lunch was lovely, but am really hungry now lol. Have eaten one of my snacks so hoping to hold out a bit until my meal bar.

Have you tried fizzy water instead of diet coke? Only thing with coke is it is fully of yucky stuff. Mind you, saying that I love diet coke lol but am trying really hard not to have too much.

Speak soon:blahblah: xx
Thanks Charlie!!!!

I so hope its not as harsh as the assessment, am keeping everything crossed it means I can take on my o/h's house if I get it. Have no chance at the moment my wage just about covers the horses. Its in Recruitment :sigh:, wasnt sure if i wanted to stay in it but havent been able to find anything else.

The snacks are lovely, have you tried the cheddar favour bites or the pretzels? I find em quite filling and usually fill a little hole!! It might be because they last longer then the bars!!Lol

I try and drink water but find i run to the toilet every 2 mins and doesnt fill me up like diet coke, I know its bad but think im addicted!!Lol ;)

How was your dinner?? I so look forward to dinner now, I had a quorn dish last night was feeling lazy as didnt get in til gone 9pm from stables so figured if I cooked we wouldnt eat til late (thats my excuse and im sticking to it) :p so was a microwave jobby!!

So glad its Friday!! Have you any plans for the weekend xxxx :)
Hiya hun,

Hope you get the job if it right for you. I have made a major boo boo with this diet, but am putting up another thread about that lol. No wonder my scales hopping is making me sad lol.

Am off over a friends house this evening for dinner, have only had one shake today so holding on to the other calories for dinner. Have drunk tonnes though to help fill me up.

Weekend is going to be rubbish as am working (am a nurse and work night shifts) dh will have the kids whilst I sleep.

Have a good weekend and stay motivated. My downfall will be at work if things go wrong so will try and stay positive and motivated.

Speak soon C xx
OMG Charlie love the pic, how gorgeous!!!!!! Such a lovely photo!!!

Oh no will read your thread but dont worry have had so many bad days, just makes it even more rewarding when you can recover from em and push on with the diet!!

Hope you have a lovely night. Sorry to hear your working over the weekend, a girl at my old stables is a nurse she used to do really weird shifts was at A&E. Well done, you all do such an amazing job, I really admire you!!

Night shift is soooooooooooooo hard my old job I used to work Midnight til 8am, used to get to about 2am and the hunger would kick in massively it puts your whole body clock out even if you do eat dinner at normal time!!

Wow what a test, but you can do it I have 110% faith in you. Your strong and very focused go for it!!!!

Have a lovely weekend (sorry your working)

Take care hun xxxx :eek:
Picture is my son, was taken a few weeks ago when he fell asleep on me. He is adorable when he is asleep lol

I work in a hospice, so am caring for the terminally ill. Love my job, but agree with the munchies bit. midnight is my crutch, will take a meal bar with me and hope that will see me through until my break. Once I am up from my break it is usually all systems go until home time at 8am so should be ok then.

Are you up to anything this weekend?

C xxxx
Hiya hun,

Sorry not been on, had really hectic couple of days!! How have you been?? Your little man is adorable such a gorg pic!! Have you managed to stick to the S/F did the snack bars etc get you through?? Ah how lovely must be a very rewarding job but at the same time quite emotional eh.

Ive put on 2lb!!!!!:mad::mad: So upset but have been a bit slack, will make me more determined now though (i hope)!!

Had that job interview Mon didnt realise one of the managers interviewing me was the mean guy from the assessment!!Scary:eek:!! But he was really lovely, was an intense interview but the other manager was nice by the end of it we was talking about botox and horses!!Lol Spoke to the guy after who put me forward for it, who said he would give em an hour then call em for some feed back. He called me half hour later and offered it to me!!Woop Woop!!

Its a bit lower basic then i wanted but the comm and bonus's are really good, not looking forward to the train and tube journey but at least i can now take on the house with my o/h. Need to work a months notice though.:(

How did your weighing go?? :)
:happy036:at getting the job, Well done you

:whoopass: am going to do this as you ahven't been good lol.

Hugs though for the gain. Try again, am sure you can do it. If I can, then you can too hun.

I weighed Mon and lost 3lb, so quite pleased.

Be good, Eat properly and think of all those ounces of fat just falling off

Charlie xxx
OMG Charlie!!!! Well done!!!Woo Hoo thats fantastic, what an insentive to keep going!! See i knew i chose my motivator wisely!! :)

Thanks for the well done!!Lol how do you get the smilies their so funny, still trying to find my way on this site. Need to set my weight loss ticker as well, got half way then got lost!!Lol Oh the joy of modern technology eh

Well done again thats fantastic!!!! :p xx
Before typing your message in the quick reply box, click on the 'Go Advanced' button. To the left of the text is little emoticons. If you click [More] it will show you lots more.

Tickers are even easier pmsl.

Now hope you have been good girlie today and stuck to it. None of this :eatdrink051:this evening please lol

Have a good evening xxxx
Hee Hee brilliant!!!! Thanks:bliss:

Check me out, your going to wish you hadnt shown me!!!Lol

How have you been?? Have you been good?? I have been good up until 2 mins ago :banghead: its someones birthday at work and she bought in cakes!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRR have resisted all morning, feel awful for it now but am walking my pooch at lunch time so will walk fast to try and counter it out!! Find it even harder when its the time of month i crave sweet things!! Feel better for confessing my sins!!! :booboo:

So glad its nearly Friday!! Are you working again??

Hope your ok, need a serious stern telling off xxxx
BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD Billy. I have discovered the SF choccie caramel treat bars, they are yummy. Fantastic for a sweet tooth fix.

Nope, not working this weekend, well not paid work but I will have the kids to look after as dh is working all weekend instead lol

Next job is to get your ticker sorted.

Resist the cake!!!!!!!!!!!

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