Binge eating again - please help me nip this in the bud!

Hi all

Felt I needed to "confess" as the first step of getting back in control of my eating. I am on CD1000 having worked up from SSing since March, but the last week or two have had days where I can see very bad old habits re-emerging.

Last night and today I have done some mindless bingeing and can see I could end up on a slippery slope if I don't sort my head out right now! I think the fact that I deliberately waited until my husband went out or was in the shower before cramming loads of rubbish into my mouth shows my tendency to "eat bad things in secret" is not as squashed by my weight loss success as I thought.

I keep thinking I have got it sorted in my head and my "legal" meals all planned out and then I find myself with a mouthful of toast or cheese when making lunch for the children, and then the floodgates open and I am just eating anything I can get my hands on, not really tasting or enjoying it, but seemingly unable (or unwilling?) to stop myself.

Has anyone got any thoughts or advice on staying in control when starting to stabilise/maintain. I am determined not to spoil my hard work but my subconscious and my life-of-its-own-food-grabbing-hand seem to have other ideas.:eek: Any advice or much needed arse-kicking very welcome. Ta!
hmm being a fellow secret eater i cant really help i'm afraid. BUT i just wanted you to know you arent alone and to remind you how fantastic you have done.
Maybe allowing a few calories for those extra nibbles might help, also planning 'days off' so they are not naughty or in secret?
I am thinking when i get to goal i will have every other sunday afternoon off. I dont mean i will binge stupidly but i will have something i fancy. In between times if i want to binge i'll write down what i fancy and save it for the sunday, then choose the thing i fancy the most for my sunday treat.

Have no idea if this will work but it's a thought!!
Hi Sarah

First of all, as you know, you are not alone....Binge Eating is extremely common and it can be overcome.

The first step is in realising what you are doing and being aware of when and where it takes that you have done that you can find alternatives that will really help you.

For instance, you say that all your "legal meals pan out"....thinking of food in terms of 'legal', 'illegal', 'good', 'bad' etc will only serve to reinforce that you are forbidding yourself some how at that when you do have them they are treats! Why not as a starting point...make all food "legal"!

As from this point there are no more forbidden or illegal foods. You can now eat what you want to eat when you want to eat it! However, there is a can only eat it when you are truly hungry!

Sound familiar? This is the basis of the Paul McKenna "I Can Make You Thin" book....however, I would take this one step further and not only ask yourself if you are truly hungry because you already know that when you are bingeing its not hunger! Therefore, ask yourself "what are you hungry for?" and truly listen to yourself for the answer it may not be food! If it is then have it .... if it isn;t then tune in and find out what it is....are you looking for some variety in your life? Do you fancy a fresh challenge? Do you actually want a drink? Feeling that you want to meet new people....whatever it is these are reasons that keep us heading for the biscuit tin, the fridge, cupboards, etc because its easier and quicker to eat than to deal with the reality of how you're feeling.

Dealing with the reality will help you to get to where you want to be and stay there. We are all works in progress and this takes time, effort and support from others - so please help us all to help you by allowing your subsconscious to tell you how bingeing is helping you!

Our subconscious only ever serves for our benefit and if you are bingeing it is because it is serving a just need to identify what that purpose is.

By the way, I'm moving this thread into the Bring Your Head Inside forum so that others can also contribute and benefit...