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Binge Eating?


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I was wondering if anyone on here has been successful in curbing thier binge eating and losing weight. How have you done it? What do you find useful for not binging?

I binge eat quite a bit ~ if I have the money ~ and it starts off on junk food and then goes onto anything and everything.

I'm fed up of gaining weight all the time ~ decided to make today a fresh start ~ and would welcome help from other binge~ers

Judith & Pickle the wonder dog
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I've binged on the 2nd of december and started getting back on track on the 3rd. I promised myself that I won't binge anymore and I am positive I will be able to keep that promise. I identified all the emotions/things that make me binge normally and then when they happen I quickly and purpously steer my mind away from thinking about binging and into thinking about how to solve the problem (or if the problem cannot be solved, then I think about how the binging will only make it worse).

The biggest revelation to me has been that I can only control myself and my reactions. Whether I upset myself or face the hurdles to come positivley the issues around me will still be the same, so might as well not sabotage myself. It really is mind over matter and if there is nothing in the world that you can control, you can at the very least control your own actions/inactions.


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I have just posted something so very similar. I am struggling with BED - loosing weight at the moment just seems so impossible...

How do you stop?


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Steely determination. We've all got the will power. I took part in a cognitive therapy course a few years ago. I had to write 2 letters to "my eating disorder" - one as if it was my friend and one as if it was my enemy - it was a relevation. It made me realise how dependent I was on it and also how angry was with it.

I know it might sound a bit silly to some people but these kind of activities do help you to develop a better understanding of your relationship with food. It's not a cure but it does help you to make progress.
Hi Judith, I too have suffered from binge-eating and it's not pleasant. I used to be a full blown bulimic but now only struggle with binging. I find weightwatchers helps me to curb my eating habits - since nothing is forbidden, i dont feel as tempted to hoover anything and everything i find into my mouth. That said, I did just have a massive binge but instead of lasting weeks, it lasted a day.

I invested in a book called 'Overcoming Binge Eating' off of Amazon and it somewhat helped me to make some changes. I recommend reading this. Like someone else said, try to understand your eating better - what are the triggers? Where do you binge eat? When? What makes you stop in the end?

It's difficult to overcome but it can be done. It's a long process so expect to slip up every little while. But understand that this is part of the process and don't beat yourself up when you binge. Instead examine the events leading up to and during your binge and learn from it. Use it as a tool to better understand and preempt your next moves. I find that I almost always binge when I feel restricted - like when I'm on a diet. Find an eating plan that is flexible and doesn't make you feel deprived and perhaps that will free you a little. Also remember to try and tackle one thing at a time - your weight OR your binge eating. Don't attempt to change them both at once. Naturally your weight will reduce if you tackle the binging but try to keep your focus on one issue and take it one day at a time.

Hope that helps x


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Hi all im struggling with binge eating,have for years,i dnt vomit as it makes me cry but i use laxatives,i do excersize which i why im obese but not severly,i got some books from the liabry today to try and help,i go from vlcd diets to binging,

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Not doing too well...

Binging for Britian!

Maybe if I go to bed early I might wake up feeling better in the morning.

I have read Overcoming Binge Eating by Christopher Fairburns ~ it is supposed to be excelelnt but I can't seem to get into the habit of journalling. Good book though....

Eat too much yesterday ~ I hate being sick so ended up with a very upset tummy instead. Not a good feeling.

Lets hope I can balance things up over the weekend.

Judith & Pickle the wonder dog


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Baby cakes & Judith, I don't think you can just stop - the binging is too ingrained and you have to work hard, slowly, to change your way of thinking. I have been a binger for years but I am now concentrating on not binging rather than losing weight. As Dollyicious says - don't try both, if you stop binging the weight will start to shift (or that's what I hope). Dieting will just reinforce the weird attitude to food that we have.

I read a great book by Gillian Riley which is a totally different approach. Since then I don't weigh myself and have binged less. I also don't feel so panicky about food. When I have decreased the binging to the odd occasion (it was almost every night), I plan to eat more healthily but NO diets!

There's no magic cure, I guess. (Also I don't always binge because I'm sad, fed up, tired etc, sometimes I binge when I'm feeling good! - To me this proves it's a disordered way of thinking rather than eating).

Oooh, I've rattled on a bit was supposed to be a "quick reply"!

Just don't give up!

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just to second the gillian riley book recommendation. i think i've read over 20 books on overcoming binge eating disorder, and it's the only one i found useful. i did stop binging whikle i used it - but as soon as i tried to diet again, my binges came back worse than ever.


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eating less: say goodbye to overeating


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yes. and on normalising your eating.


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I have found since low carbing I haven't had the urge to binge nearly as much. I think when you eat something that gives you an insulin spike, it's then that you want to carry on eating. It may be worth a try? Good luck anyway :)