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Binge eating

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by fatkidwantscake, 2 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. Im struggling today, and have started to binge on absolute junk.

    How do you snap out of that binge mentality? Ive been so good for 2 weeks running so im pretty hacked of with myself, but sadly not enough to stop me wanting more :-( help!
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  3. babyweight2014

    babyweight2014 Full Member

    I often have the same problem, u know that bar of chocolate etc is not going to do u any good but u still want it anyway... The only piece of advice I can give is to remind yourself the satisfaction of it is only momentarily... Do you want to be at the same weight as you are now in 2 months time? Binging might not always give you a gain but it will give you a lot of sts if done often.
  4. I really dont, especially as i still have 5/6stone to loose :-( its just so bloody hard. Ive just scoffed probably a weeks work of syns in a few hours and just hate myself right now. Im a bloody IDIOT!
  5. Reander

    Reander Full Member

    Personally I would think, okay, you know you've binged, but that doesn't mean you have to let it effect the rest of the week. Just draw a line under it because really one binge isn't a big deal in the grand scheme of things and I think we're probably all going to have moments when we end up over eating, and we'll probably do it more than once lol.

    Try and be extra good the rest of the week and maybe you'll manage to maintain, maybe even lose. But if you do gain don't take it to heart because you're in it for the long haul and you'll lose again in no time :)
  6. Mrs CC

    Mrs CC Silver Member

    You're not an idiot. You did it and beating yourself up about it now won't make any difference.

    Try to think about what set you off on the binge, without being critical of yourself. Were you hungry, bored, fed up, tired, stressed, happy, sad, feeling complacent? There is a reason for it and at least recognising that will go some way towards stopping it happening again.

    You have the power to stop it going any further if your believe in yourself. If you stop now and then carry on as normal, there's a chance you might gain, or maintain, but there's also a chance you might lose. If you keep going, it's almost certain you will gain.

    You can do this!
  7. Thank you all. I know why i started....exhausted and a very demanding naughty 4 year old just wears me down!

    I had a good dinner so fingers crossed its done and dusted x
  8. babyweight2014

    babyweight2014 Full Member

    We all do it so don't beat yourself up. It's just trying to think of ways to limit it. Maybe have healthy treats in house that won't be so damaging, or use your syns weekly instead of daily, that way a weekly binge won't feel as 'sinful' if it still fits within your weeks syns... Just means limiting syns for the rest of the week. Hope your feeling better
  9. RebekahR

    RebekahR Gold Member

    Healthy use of syns

    Using binge prone times to go workout/pamper/ see friends. If your accountable and busy less secret munching

    I don't buy multi pack type things. On my treat day I buy one treat. Enjoy it and its over! No temptation for the next day!! One Belgium bun/donut/chocolate bar. Done!

    keep inspiration on the fridge/on your phone to keep you going !!

    Mainly avoidance is better than cure! If there's no food to binge on its easier. Leave cards at home. Just keep a fiver for milk/essentials!

    Drastic but helps xx

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  10. haileyhaiz

    haileyhaiz Full Member

    We've all been there!? Now if there's something I really fancy (chocolate/crisps) then I'll have it otherwise after a few days of really wanting something I'll go overboard and eat everything in site?

    I say to myself I'm in this for the long run so if I lose 1/2lb this week because I've eaten more than I know I should of I don't feel guilty about it I enjoy it in moderation and get straight back on it! We're the only people who can control what we eat! Hope this helps?
  11. Mrs CC

    Mrs CC Silver Member

    That's a really good way of looking at it! Thanks for that!
  12. Viixenx

    Viixenx ~*Here I go again on my own*~

    I normally would be binging alot, but im trying it different this time round, I weigh in on a tuesday and have a chinese on a friday (chips, beef chow mein, chicken fried rice and chicken balls) and after that i dont feel the need to binge?

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