Bio Oil v's Firming Cream


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Is bio oil really worth it? I'm using various body lotions at the moment, the firming cocoa butter (for pregnant people :eek:) and just regular lotion as well.

Would the £19.99 cost of bio-oil really be that different?

Any advice much appriciated :)
I think the jury might be out on this issue .... do lotions and potions really help firm saggy skin?

I tend to side with the opinion that once stretched, nothing you rub on can restore the firmness that was there before because the elasticity has gone. However, I've heard that the massaging action itself is what can help improve the APPEARANCE of wrinkly skin so in that case, anything that facilitates a smooth massaging action should help.

Some people swear by dry brushing (I don't do it so perhaps someone can elaborate) I think it's all to do with stimulating the blood supply to the surface of the skin. Could be worth a try.

Personally, I'd carry on with the cocoa butter :)
Bio oil is more to disguise/prevent stretch marks and scars. It works great for me as I had a couple of faint stretch marks on the top of my arms which have virtually disappeared with using bio oil. Its the best thing ive tried to date as a body lotion too. I only paid £4 from ebay for a sealed 60ml bottle of Bio Oil so you can get it a lot cheaper than £19.99 :)
I have three favourites...

Bio oil...only need a little and it is a miracle cure for fading the red from a stretch mark and is good on the scar tissue.

Nivea Q10 for heavy duty every day....

Dove I love the smell and I think it is nice every other day.

After trying most these are what suits my sensitive skin.

I do massage every day and dry brush about once a week.

Love Mini xxx
This might sound daft LOL but what is dry brushing? What do you do it with and where do you do it :eek:

Also not heard of Q10 must look that up.

My BF's gran got me Bio oil today in Home and Bargain for 4.99 as we don't have them down south. Thanks groovychick for the tip :D

Kitty xxx
Have to say that since i started CD my skin has NEVER been in better condition and it is something i can get a bit obsessive about as i get eczema

i body brush every morning and apply dermalogica body hydrating cream ( expensive but sooo worth it as a little goes a long long way )

i bath every night for at least a 15 min soak using e45 bath

then when still wet i apply my own mixture of whatever is in the bottle! right now i am using a mixture of baby oil and jergens ( from the usa ) lotion -

i apply loads and let it soak in before putting on old flannel jammies

i always used to have goose flesh on the top of my arms and legs AND white stretch marks from my weight going up and down and now my skin - although i say it myself - is fab

i honestly reckon its not what you put on it but the frequency of use and the massage/brushing that helps firm it up
I use both!!

I use Dove or Nivea body-firming lotion in the morning and I use Bio-Oil in the evening

I love both!
dry skin brushing - oddly recommended by my nutrionalist!! you need a body brush (available at most chemists) a long handled one is best. Basically you start at the bottom of your body i.e. soles of the feet and brush towards your heart i.e. upwards in long stroking motions. when you get above your heart you brush downwards. remember to do everywhere!! Don't apply too much pressure - it should be tingling rather than scratchy!

the dry brushing not only helps remove dry/dead skins, it helps to break down the toxins under the skin (i.e. fat) to improve the look of cellulite. It's main function is to stimulate the lymphatic system and help remove the toxins that build up over time and get them expelled from your bod.

best to be done 1st thing in the morning - so vitalising ;), before exercise or before a hot shower/bath! I usually aim for twice a day (morning & night).

Hope that helps :D