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Birthday coming up & not sure what to do

Its my 20th birthday in 2weeks, i would have done 8weeks on LT by then being 100%. A week ago i was certain i was going to stay at home and not go out and stick to the diet, but now i kinda wanna go out and celebrate and treat myself in a way for sticking to the diet, maybe go for a meal and just have one night off and then back to the diet the next day. Im abit worried about how much weight id actually gain though? and if i would actually be able to put food in my mouth for that matter lol.
Im not worried at all that i wont be able to stick to the diet again afterwards because i know i will this has been the easiest diet ive ever done tbh and im determined enough to get back onto the diet and reach my goal, but still i dont know, im scared of having a meal but at the same time i realy wanna treat myself, if that makes sense :confused:
I know theres a few of u with birthdays coming up what are your plans? and if anyone has just had a birthday what did u do for yours?
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Hi Rachel,

well i started 2 weeks after my birthday so i don't have that problem! u seem very determined to reach your goal an able to go back on the diet after your birthday so if u really want to take a break, if u do it properly with the refeed week and don't go too over board u should be fine. This is my 1st time on lt so i have no experience of restarting but from what i've read people say its much harder!!!!
Apparently its dangerous to drink on the diet but i don't know too much about this to be honest!!
How about arranging a pampering day or afternoon at a spa or something. No food just a lot of luxury to celebrate your birthday guilt and weight free. My daughter just had a make over and professional portrait photo as a birthday treat with her friends.

Rachael, I think that you've got four options...

1 you do a proper re-feed so that you can celebrate your birthday in style, perhaps still being a bit sensible and then get right back on LT 100% the next day
2 you don't bother with the re-feed but make sensible choices on your birthday, ie Atkins type protein so as not to go out of ketosis but whatever you do don't drink. I wouldn't have thought that would be too difficult but you run the risk once you start eating of wanting to carry on....again straight back on LT the next day
3 have a birthday meal out with your mates but stick to the shakes.....it can be done, ok it's not much fun watching other people eat but hey you can go mad next year at your 21st!
4 do as Kev suggests and do something special that doesn't involve food......

It must be really difficult to do this diet at your age when you've
got a great social life but make the right choices now and it doesn't have to be forever......

Hope this helps sweetheart? Whatever you decide remember you're only young once! X
So do I .... just cannot see myself at spa :D:D but a show or cinema would work for me
My social life has pretty much died since being on this diet ive not been out once lol the temptation to eat or drink is just too much, i think the refeed would make me wanna quit the diet all together, id rather have just one meal, put a few pounds on/ not loose anything that week and then start again the next day. Probably go for a carvery or something jus meat and veg, no chinese or indian food lol (sorry for talking about food) either that or the spa option but ive never done anything like that so not sure id enjoy it!! thanks for the ideasxx
You know what babes? That's what I'd do in your position! In fact that's what I'm going to do next month, we're going away for the weekend and it's a real treat weekend so I think I'm going to have shakes for lunch and breakfast but have a protein based dinner..

Your social life will pick up again in no time, I'd put money on it getting better cos you'll be all thin and gorgeous x
Rachel . . . I'm torn here as to what advice I should give. It is REALLY HARD to get back on track after break. Honestly. If you can, stick to your shakes. Everybody will be impressed by your self-discipline. But then . . . you're going to be 20. I don't think I'd have been able to do that at your age. Hard decision to make . . . but believe me, this is NOT the easiest diet ever. It's just that you are now in ketosis and those hunger pangs are under control. Once you eat, they'll scream out for more. Whatever you decide, I wish you the very best and have a great birthday!
You must do whatever feels right for you hun, but please remember it can be DANGEROUS to drink when in ketosis x x x
Hi, its my birthday a week on friday and im going out for a meal with my bf then on for drinks with him and friends. Im having a day off cos it will be the first time iv had a drink in nearly 12 months. But you must do what is right for you. and what ever you decide to do have a good birthday :)
Hello, it was my birthday yesterday and I went to the cinema with my daughter. Then we had a bit of a pamper evening. :) xxx
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