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Bit annoyed

with the new mag . Now please dnt shout at me because weight loss is weight loss and i applaud anyone that can lose a pound let alone a stone because i know how hard it is. But how can they not let stacey thru to next round when she has lost six stone! and the lady on front cover - who looks fab has lost 2. Now i know two stone is fab but i still cannot get over sw treatment of stacey. Sometimes because i need to lose 6 stone people like stacey inspire me because it is such a huge lifechanging experience.
Its not fair lol, i hope they dont go along the same line as another club who when u read the magazine has no massive weight losses

Come on slimming world ur better than that
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Now I'm going to be a bit controversial here....
Whilst I do concur that Stacey has been treated badly, the SW mag should feature a wide variety of stories.
Losing 2stone is life changing - that lady used to suffer badly with IBS, she now no longer does, that's changed her life.
I always read the letters page in SW, a while back there was a story about "why don't you feature older people" lo and behold a big feature on older people. "Why don't you feature people who haven't lost huge amounts of weight" - oh, what do we have here, someone who has "only" lost 2 stone...why do you feature people who have lost their "baby" weight, what about people without kids... etc etc etc

I've bought SW mag for a long time, it features young, old, men, women, very young (as in under 18) etc etc etc....

Stacey's story is a different issue altogether, that's SW's silly rules around Woman of the Year, which does need addressing but I like the fact the mag has a girl on the front who hasn't lost a huge amount!
I wasnt saying she hadnt and i did say she has done well but like yourself ive bought it for years and for the big 40th issue you would expect a story a bit with a bang, but they are just following suit on every other mag out there and putting the pretty young women on the front. Where are the older ones on the front page, the ones who have lost 6 plus stone and want to lose another 7lb, those who may not be as pretty as some with 3 kids who knackered from her daily routine. Thats all just expected a bit more,as with the recipe book, the recipes are nothing new they have all been featured before

Think i said anyone who can lose a pound gets my praise as does every one of you who walk thru the door for the first time
I'll tell you what I do like - the clothes! They have really pushed the boat out and dressed them in the most lovely expensive dresses from Harrods etc - wow! They usually stick them in things from New Look!
I've just had a flick through it again, I do like this mag this month. Perhaps it's just me!
Ive come across this before. My Mum had lost 9.5 stone and was entered for SOY. The lady who actually won, lost 5 stone. Mum was gutted. They dont go by how much you have lost, but what story you have to tell.
I feel for Stacey, she is one of my inspirational persons on here. Ive lost almost 7 stone too, but dont go to class (cant afford it). All I hope for is that I can be inspirational to others on here.
To do that at home Mrs V is FANTASTIC. You are certainly an unspiration to me :)

I love the dress on front cover i want that dress and her figure under my tree on xmas day please lol
Thanks guys!

I wasnt looking for praise, I just type how I feel! Lol!
What goes on a magazine cover - any magazine - is there to get people to pick it up on impulse in the shop. SW Magazine is competing against other slimming magazines and women's magazines in general and they will have done their market research to find out what jumps off the shelf.
And I'm just annoyed with it because I can't FIND the new mag anywhere yet!! Come on shopkeepers, change time!


A moaning old boot!!!!
Just a little thing to stick up for the mag here, the recipes wont be new. its the 40th anniversary edition which is aiming to show you the best reciepes that have been featured over the past 40 years, not giving you brand new ones (unless your like me and have only been here a few months so they are all new to me!). Thats what our C told us anyway.

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