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  1. minxie

    minxie One day at a time!

    I've been keeping to ss 100% and drinking all my water every day. I was delighted to have a 10lb loss in the first week but was hoping that the downward trend would continue. However I've jumped on my own scales this morning (2nd WI due on Tuesday) and I've not lost anything - in fact I think I might even have put on a pound:(

    Has this happened to anyone else? Any reason as to why it might happen? And is there anything I can do to alter the situation?:confused:
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  3. curlywurly1234

    curlywurly1234 Cambridge Consultant

    Minxie, hon
    Well done for your fab loss on your first week!!
    & yes it happens to me every week.. we are only on friday by the way so you have 5 whole days til weigh in again..
    My scales play tricks on me and never really shows a loss until the day of weigh in... Also yours and your cdc's scales could be different mine are 3 pounds different that my cdcs..
    So dont worry hon I am sure by tuesday you will see the scales move!!
    Chin up your doing great x
  4. Eternalflame

    Eternalflame Excited about the new me!

    Minxie, you've done really well and its too soon to see a loss for next week. You still have 4 more whole days to go, and 4 more mornings. Keep doing what you are doing, it will shift, you'll see. xxx
  5. fatboy slimming

    fatboy slimming Full Member

    I have to admit that I am a scale jumper, since I have been on this diet I must get on my home scales at least once a day and the difference in weight even over the course of the day can be huge. First thing in the morning I would say I am probably 4-5 lbs lighter than I am in the evening.

    I use my scales at home just to see that I am on track and only record the weight that I see on my cdc scales. That way at least I know I am getting weighed at the same time of day on the same scales and it should give me a fairly accurate record of my weight.

    At the end of the day the weight loss isnt the only thing that show you are losing. Its all about getting rid of those inches as well. Even if the scales dont show a loss I bet your tapemeasure would.
  6. LizS

    LizS Shut up Ethel

    I am in the EXACT same boat and am grumpy about it. I weighed in CDC scales on Tues night and was v pleased with 11lb loss in first nine days. Then weighed on my own scales when I got home, so that i know how 'different' my own scales are from hers. And since Tues night I have seen NO difference at all. Yes, they're different to my CDC scales, but as long as the difference is known it doesn't matter what the numbers actually say. All I'm looking for is lower numbers! Apart from Wed morning, when they flickered between 10 and 11lb before settling on 10, I'm back at 13'11 on my own scales and I've stuck fast at the same weight as I was on WI night.

    Get weighed again on Monday. And have this bbq to go to this weekend. Gah.

  7. minxie

    minxie One day at a time!

    Thanks everyone for the kind support. You are all right and I still have days to go before WI, so hopefully there will be a reasonable loss - I just want to see it falling off by the hour!!! And don't mention measuring tapes to me as they show no difference at all!

    Thanks everyone, I'm still smiling and determined to keep going:)

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