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Bit Disappointed with my WI's

Hi everyone...
Had my week 7 WI today and lost 3lb's, I'm not 100% pleased as I was expecting more this week as last week was also 3lb's. I don't mean to sound grim about it lol but can I expect to lose at a steady rate like this all the time now as I am down to 11st11lb from 14 stone in 7 weeks so have had some great losses but my goal is 9 stone or maybe 8st7, if i can do it! I'm not disheartened to the point of giving up as I'm going for goal weight however long it takes but would like some bigger losses to pass the time a lil, just wondering about others experiences really ....

Anyway thanx for listening to my whinge lol
Carrie-Ann xxx
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Well done for the 3lbs :clap:

That was about my weekly average. It maybe yours, but you could be heading for a whoosh. Fingers crossed for you!

Either way, it's coming off nicely :clap: Well done.
Aww thanks! I am pleased, nearly half a stone in 2 weeks so getting there slowly. I have had a couple of 5lb losses and one week lost 8lb!! Another one of them would be nice now to kick me into the 10's a bit sooner but I'm happy long as I'm losing lol


Gone fishing
KD your before and after pics are great by the way, how long did it take you, if you dont mind me asking?
Thankyou :) It took about 9 months from start to goal, but I had to take a couple of breaks.

Got there in the end though :D

I have had a couple of weight losses of 2 & 3lbs. I was a bit dissapointed but 3lbs - 4 lbs a week is right to loose 1 stone a month average so really it is spot on.

Keep going you can do it.


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3-4lbs a week is about the average for a stone a month loss (which is what you're supposed to be losing) You'll still be losing a fair bit more than on conventional diets though - make sure you keep a record of your measurements too as although the scales aren't registering a huge loss i bet you're losing inches!


Taking one day at a time.
You are doing so well. 3lb is a great loss. x
Thankyou :) It took about 9 months from start to goal, but I had to take a couple of breaks.

Got there in the end though :D
Flipping Eck! Was that 8 stone in 9 months!?!?
Hi hun, your doing really well, the majority of my losses have been around the 2 1/2lb mark, but then last week was 4lbs and the week before 4 1/2 which was lovely for me -then last night back to 2 1/2. I'd love a few more biggies (esp before my hol next week) but as you say it's all going in the right direction and in it for the goal no matter what. Your stats are fantastic so far hun, keep going xx

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