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bit down tonight!


Back on the diet train...
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well i av no idea why but im feelin abit down tonight. :cry:

its been a wake up call this wk tho as ive ad loads of invitations 2 eat out an its a shock 2 realise how much food is apart of most social situations!!

ive not really told my friends im on this diet as last time they werent supportive an sed i wud cheat an give up (which i did :() they think im on a low carb high protein diet. :eek:

the thing is i no wen im off the diet i cnt go back 2 eatin out all the time an im goin 2 av 2 change the way i view food an learn 2 eat accordingly.

i am feelin tired tonight so dont think that helps either but im goin 2 put a cheesy film on an chill out 4 abit then av an early night me thinks. hopefully will b ok in mornin!!! i just needed 2 vent. :rolleyes:;)

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Hey Bex!
Sorry you're feeling down tonight hun!
I constantly get invitations out to meals etc and its a nightmare! I just keep thinking i can do that in a few weeks time in my skinny jeans :)
You're friends are obviously jealous that you're going to look fab!
When you're off the diet you can go out for meals you will just have a better outlook on what choices you make!
Previously I would have had a starter, a main, a side and desert! Hence why i've put on weight :/ but now i've worked so hard and that i know that just one shake can fill me up i for sure won't be pigging out when i come off LT! Try stay positive babe you're in control and your hardwork is paying off! :D
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aww bex are you alright love? im hoping to start lt at the weekend so ive been trying to restrict what im eating and drinking this week so its not such a shock :s i really want a pkt of crisps! i just did my nails so i cant touch anything!!! put on some cheesy chooons and sing your heart out, thatll get some endorphins rushing through your system!!! x
Cheer up hunnie:) Watch a feel good factor film.
Just think when you are eating again and going out..how amazing your feel in your nice skinny clothes and the food won't be so important!!
It's hard now and you know you can't have it...but your choice is to do this diet for you...food will be there in a few weeks.
Stay strong..you have done really well :)


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Hi Bex,
Sorry to hear you are down...I always found the hardest part of TFR was not actually the no food part but the having to say no to so many invitations to parties/dinners./drinks/lunch...it really is hard but it is so worth it Bex. You are doing great so please don't give up on this...here is a big hug for you (xxx) chill and relax this evening and know this doesn't last forever! xxx
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Vent away babe!
I was feeling exactly the same a few hours ago and now... I'm back in love with lipotrim! haha! It's NOT easy...you want to socialise with friends and have food/drink as a part of that. The problem for me, and you too I suspect, is that we don't know how to control ourselves and maintain a normal weight. I slipped BIG style... embraced all my wicked old ways and ignored the screaming voice in my head that told me I needed to rein it in. I have. Again. And I'm feeling proud that I have. Every meal out was just another pound back down the road I didn't want to be on.

You can view it as 'missing out' in the short term... or you can view it as making sure you don't miss out long term. LT is giving you the chance to change your life and get in control of your eating habits. Fair enough we both 'failed' a little but we're back and making a go of it.

Don't worry what anyone else thinks. You have everything going for you hun- you deserve to be happy with your life and with your weight. And you will be. You KNOW LT works- look at your results!!!
Keep at it...you CAN and WILL do it

Big hugs



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Poor Bex, it is hard because eating is such a big part in our lives. Most social activities tend to involve food which makes this diet so very hard to stick to.

I think you are doing fantastically well hunny and you are a real inspiration. I hope tomorrow is a better day.

Take care xxx


Wants it Gone!
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Hey Bex sorry to hear you are down. I know the turning away invitiations is hard, but as everyone said these are just something that needs to be done now in order for you to get to where you want to be. I too have noticed how much we rely on food for social occasions- that needs to stop! My friends dont know Im back on LT and they would be none too pleased if they found out= Im going to try the "Im-really-committed-to-losing-weight-so-Im-strict-on-what-Im-eating-and-therefore-would-prefer-to-go-out-for-a-walk-or-drive-with-you-instead-of-going-out-for-food-because-I-know-I-will-make-the-wrong-decisions-as-Im-not-strong-enough-yet" approach and see if that will work! ;)


Here we go again!
Hope you're feeling better today Bex, you should be! Reading your post I think you have had a bit of a breakthrough about the way you think about food. You realised that so much revolves around food and that you don't want to keep doing that in future. You want to change the way you view food which is a great thing! Good for you.

I hope you have a better day today, you should because you're doing so well on this. Keep going, you're doing brilliantly!


Back on the diet train...
S: 17st1lb C: 17st1lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 41 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
cheers guys!!! its so good 2 no i can pop on here wiv anythin an u can relate wiv how im feelin. :). u really keep me on track!! :D

i feel better 2day, think its the rubbish weather aswell thts makin me feel :blahblah:. i must suffer from S.A.D. :8855:

mini b i think u r right tho. its been a revelation wiv regards to the way i view food an the fact its gota change. theres always goin 2 be a night out, a birthday etc but ive got 2 no i cnt go mad an over eat or i will b right back to that place i dont wana b anymore.

im not actually missin the food tho its just the socializin side im missin like mrs2b sed its coz i cnt accept the invites, which is due to the fact that my addiction is food an coz im on tfr i cnt eat. :sigh: but like determined girl sed its only in the short term an will make it all worth it wen im goin out in my tiny clothes feelin fab!! :D

i wana get to target an finally throw the key 2 fat-dom away an never enter the doors of greed agen. ;):p

tootiefrootie im goin to use ur "Im-really-committed-to-losing-weight-so-Im-strict-on-what-Im-eating-and-therefore-would-prefer-to-go-out-for-a-walk-or-drive-with-you-instead-of-going-out-for-food-because-I-know-I-will-make-the-wrong-decisions-as-Im-not-strong-enough-yet" approach!!! ;):p love it!!! :8855:

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