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Bit fed up!!!!

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Woxywoo, 21 June 2009 Social URL.

  1. Woxywoo

    Woxywoo Full Member

    :sigh: Well..... I have been on and off SW the past few weeks but as of last Monday I have stuck to sw green days 100%!!!!!!!!!
    I got weighed this morning as I do every Sunday morning and can't believe that I have put 2lb on :(:(:(
    I know I lose weight much slower on green days than I do on red (and I prefer green) but I didn't think I would actually put weight on. I have even weighed all of my HE's.

    Today I'm going to have an EE day then as of tomorrow I'm going to have a red week and see if that gets things going in the right direction again as I should definatley lose. Will keep you posted.

    Sorry to ramble but feel a bit deflated.
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  3. txrawl

    txrawl Full Member

    Chin up Woxy-it does give you a downer I know. Stick with it, maybe vary the days a bit and I am sure you will get a good result. You have already lost 4% of your total weight, the rest will follow!!!
  4. Joanne W

    Joanne W Full Member

    Weigh yourself tomorrow - you might find it is a totally different story. It could also be your body adjusting itself to eating lots of carbs - it will balance itself out next week - that is what a consutlant once told me.

    Good luck.
  5. Woxywoo

    Woxywoo Full Member

    Thank you for the advice.
    txrawl, 4% already I hadn't really thought of it like that it all seems a bit better now, almost half way to my club 10 lol :D

    I'm going to try a week of red next week and see how I get on. Pretty sure I will lose doing red. If i do I'll stick with red for a while if not I'll try one day red one day green and so on.
    Will just have to be trial and error for a while I think :sigh:

    Thanx again for cheering me up. xxxxx
  6. Littleslimmingbee

    Littleslimmingbee Gold Member

    Maybe you should stick with EE, as youl get to enjoy all of the greenday perks that you like, and if red is working better for you, then youl have that too??

    2lb on does suck :( just gotta let it go and get on with the new week.. youl shift it in no time hunny! *hugs*

    i know your proberly feeling a bit poo.. :(

    try adding some variety to your week. how about making it a challenge for youself to try different HEB instead of what u usually have, and mixing up ur syns a bit?! try eating loads of different berries etc. they'r superspeed

  7. Chuffy_29

    Chuffy_29 Bring it on!

    I know what you're saying. I have stuck to plan, one flexi syn day and the scales haven't moved (i weighed at home i know it soooo wrong) it seems so unfair when you've done everything right. I try and keep in mind that next week the scales will show a much bigger loss for certain.

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