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Bit green about all this.......

Hi everyone,

What a font of knowledge you all are!!!

I am so eager to get started. I'm doing the induction and need to put together a really simple meal plan.

I don't have much time in the mornings, is there anything really quick and easy I can have?

Are foods such as eggs, vhicken etc free?

Is it simply the carbs that need controlling?

TY so much for any replies. 14st now and can feel the 10 st woman inside me trying to get out!!

Love Claire
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Xmas goal, here I come!
Eat meat, fish, eggs, cheese (always check the labels) some cheeses have carbs some don't. No starches ie potatoes, pasta, bread.No or little fruit, watch out for hidden carbs in sauces and dairy.

Keep your carb below 25 mg per day and I guarantee you will lose weight and fairly quickly in the first month, more or less.
A typical day for me would look like this:

low carb protein shake or scrambled eggs w/ cheese coffee or tea w/ 35% cream(no carbs in this)

Large salad w/ chopped eggs and sliced chicken, cubed cheese w/ low or no carb dressing

Atkins low carb bar or a ploughmans lunch - this consists of slices of cooked meat, cheese, boiled eggs , pickles. Yummy

Meat of choice
salad w/ low or no carb dressing or green veggies.

anything very low carb or atkins bar.

Drink lots of water and take a multivitamin.
Read labels for hidden carbs, drinks LOTS of water.
Talk to Jim in the Atkins forum. He lost well over 100 pounds doing Atkins and I am sure you can lose weight on low carb too. Good luck.:)

This is a great diet and if you eat meat etc you have a fun time ahead, food-wise. I am veggie so it's a bit more challenging for me but I love this way of eating. Don't focus so much on what you can't have - enjoy all the things you can! You need never be hungry.

Good luck x
Hi claire, and welcome love

I often eat last nights leftovers. I deliberately cook more of an evening than we will eat so that
there are leftovers.

I found Atkins quite liberating, the first time you have stew for breakfast is an eye opener. :)
Good, it'll be nice to see you posting on the threads Claire.


Xmas goal, here I come!
I know this was just a typo but to confirm it's grams per day (not miligrams!). The book advises to stick to 20g per day at first then gradually built up after induction phase.
My mistake lol. thanks for the correction.:eek:
Hey Claire!

How are you finding the diet?

If it seems hard, well, it generally is at first. You may have a physical response to the lack of carbs - known to enthusiasts as Atkins Flu.

This soon passes and you start to feel great.
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