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bit more advise please .....

just emailed my cdc and she reckons it is a sensible idea for me to move up the plans abit as struggling with ss. she thinks start at 1000...... what can you have on this ? do i still have my shakes/soups ? apart from ss and the aamw i am not sure what the other levels involve .
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I am not the one to answer this with actual figures lost because I come out of ketosis VERY easily indeed. The basic maths though would say that because you are is essence doubling your calorie intake from about 500 to 1000, then the calorie defecit at which you are running is effectively halved, meaning that as a rough guesstimate your weight losses will also be halved.

Just a guess based on approximate maths mind!
Hiya i'm on the 1200 plan and when i stick to it i lose between 2 and 4lbs a week i also now go to the gym 3 times a week which is great for me. I have a milkshake in the morning and at lunch and then i had a tea usually chicken with cous cous or sweet potato in a tomato based sauce. I avoid red meats and dont have bread atall will sometimes have a pitta bread or tacos or fajhita


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Hi, I don't think your weight losses will be halved. I'm no expert on the CD but I have read that you need to eat less or burn off about 3500 calories for each pound of fat to be lost. So, you will lose weight a little slower, but you will be losing. Remember, in the wide world, dieting on 1000 calories a day is considered to be a tough diet. Better this way than give up because you find SS too tough. I only did SS for a few days and I have been nibbling chicken every day since then. I haven't got masses to lose but I am losing and I'm losing it faster than on any other diet I have been on. I figure that if it slows down too much, then I'll give SS another go.
Didn't your CDC give you a little booklet which explains all the different plans in it. I find this very useful.
Good luck on the new plan.
thanks k9 . i started 5 weeks agao at 12 9. i am now at around 11 10, want to shift another stone. i only had the booklet for ss. i am finding it too hard to stick too. dont want to give up completely. as long as i could shift this stone , even if it was 2lb a week i would be very happy.

Hi Guys

I've just started the Cambridge Diet - on day 2 doing SS. Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself.
Finding it not too bad at the moment apart form all the weeing!!!:eek:
Can anyone tell me how long this goes on for? Apart from that I feel ok - was expecting to feel worse as did the LighterLife diet a while back and was really ill with it - laid up in bed for a week and then had to come off it. Can't wait for my first weigh in - I'm feeling better even after 2 days:). Was feeling really ill before starting - whole body hurt including backache, feetache you name it, it hurt!!! My CD counsellor worked out my BMI - 49! Way over the recommended figure - quite worried really so hence why I started the diet. Tried every other diet possible but would only get so far - I suffer with polycystic overy syndrome so it makes it 100 times harder for me to lose weight - no I am not making that an excuse!:D

Got to go - the toilet beckons!!!!

Sassy xx
hi sassy .
there are loads of people who have pcos and are on this diet if you do a search you can read their threads. i cant really give you much advise as i have been hit or miss over the last 5 weeks and more miss than hit if the truth be told. once ur body has shifted some of the stored water and ur used to the drinling the weeing should get better, i must say when i had got to day 4 i felt ace . good luck with your diet . come on here and ul get loads of support from the other cders.
good luck with your diet , i hope you do really well.
Hi Sassy,
I am on day 8 and the weeing has calmed down a bit, I was getting pretty fed up with it too. Lost 10lbs in my first week and felt better that I have done on any other diet so good luck and hope it works out as well for you.
Hi all;

K9, you are right. I replied in too much a rush before dashing out for a meeting and did not get my thinking straight. Bottom line, I got myself all screwed up. I apologise. :(

The maths is that (assuming you were to lie in bed all day - which none of us do :)) the average woman needs approximately 2000 calories intake a day (an average man needs 2500) to remain at a stable weight.

If you are taking in 500 calories therefore, you are running at a defecit of 1500 calories. Up your intake by 500 calories to 1000 and the defecit becomes 1000 calories, or 2/3 of what it was before.

As you stated, 1 pound of fat provides the body with 3500 (approx) calories of energy, so at a defecit of 1500 calories you will burn around 10500 calories extra a week, which equates to 3 pounds of fat. If you are running at a defecit of 1000 calories you will burn 7000 calories extra a week, and this equates to 2 pounds of fat.

Naturally, as your activity levels increase your bodys energy requirements increase and so your calorie defecit increases. The result is that the amount of body fat burned to meet the extra energy needs will also increase. For example if you were to do a little light exercise each day that burned off an extra 500 calories, then over a week that would be an extra 3500 calories that the body would need and so it would burn an extra pound of fat.

Also, you need to remember that this is all based on an "average" person, and no-one is average. The actual defecit that you will be running at will depend on your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), which is the actual number of calories that you need to take in to maintain your weight at zero activity. The heavier you are, the higher your BMR will be, and therefore the bigger your defecit will be. This is why heavier people lose weight faster - it is basic physics that says that it takes more energy to move a heavy object from A to B than it does to move a lighter object. This is why our weight losses slow down a little as we get lighter. It also explains why if you go back to eating exactly the way you did you can put the weight back on very fast because the calorie excess is much greater at your new lower BMR.

If you know your BMR and your calorie intake, you can pretty accurately predict what weight you are likely to lose in a week - though the body does throw the odd spanner into the works. For example, I had a stretch of 7 weeks of losing 3 pounds, week after week after week. Suddenly, with no explanation or reason - I changed nothing, I dropped 8 pounds. After that week I went to losing 2 pounds a week, week in week out. I still have not managed to find a scientific explanation for that oddity!! :confused:
I don't understand?? why haven't you been recommended the 790?

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