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Green Days Bit naughty.

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by slimminglizard, 24 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. slimminglizard

    slimminglizard Full Member

    Just want to give myself a bit of therapy and write down my mistakes this weekend! Ok first mistake, Friday...bottle of wine :(
    Then Saturday, a whole meal choc chip muffin that was just not worth it!
    Sunday, a flaky pasty cheese and onion pastie!

    All other meals were on plan, but I fell into the baked goods trap!

    It is also the weekend thing. I get to Friday and I just think I need a reward??
    On a more positive note, I saw my MIL this weekend who normally asks me if I have put on weight. This weekend she never mentioned it! Score!
    We had a family event and for the first time in about a year, I have not been dreading the photos going on Facebook! Although I am only half a stone down out of 3, I just feel so much comfier in my skin!

    Anyway here's to a clean week!
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  3. josephsmummy

    josephsmummy Gold Member

    Well done for your honesty. I am going to join you and fess up too.
    I have had 2 naughty teas this weekend.
    Saturday night we had chinese , but in the past we would have had a mixed starter, a meal and a fried rice each. Saturday night no starter and we shared a boiled rice. So bad but not as bad as I use to be!
    However, last night I had pizza and garlic bread, my MIL had been round and bought cakes and biscuits and I had resisted plus my hubby bought McDonalds for lunch for himself and my little one and I didn't have one.
    So 2 bad meals this weekend but I just keep thinking if I wasn't doing SW it would have been so much worse.
    So clean slate today, it's the start of a new week.

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  4. Lucky7

    Lucky7 Gold Member

    Know what you mean about wanting a treat on Fridays. Me too!! Thinking that this Friday will be pizza topped chicken night. And a Crunchie bar. But then it's only Monday so I've got all week to keep changing my mind lol. Well done for writing it down and being honest with yourself. That way it'll be much easier to draw a line under it and get back to plan :D

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