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Original Bit of a disgusting confession!

I often get cravings for soy sauce and marmite. Think maybe its the salt I crave. Quite often help myself to at least couple of spoons soy sauce on its own or couple spoonfuls of marmite. OH thinks it gross, however it helps me keep on track am happy after that. :p

Does anyone else do anything similar? Its something I have always done not just when been on sw!:whistle:

Sorry lol x
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I do like marmite and soy sauce, but not sure I could eat it straight out of jar/bottle lol.

Might seem like a silly suggestion, but have you thought about mentioning it to your doctor, it could be a health reason that you are craving salty foods.
No thought it would just be me lol! I am in very good health thankfully so am not worried that way. Just weird taste tastebuds I think ;)



rainbows holiday buddy :)
someone i work with has a salt addiction and as a result has to take blood pressure tablets. she can't get enough of the stuff and is addicted to cup-a-soups! someone else i work with has a condition where she has to have extra salt on things or her blood pressure drops!
You could be right there Karen, after my youngest was born had a BP check and blood pressure was low, however still ok. Don't have any other symptons of low bp :)



Just doing it this time
so long as it's not all the time then you really shouldn't worry, but if you find you have to have these couple of spoonfuls every few hours or cannot stop at just a couple then you need to go get checked out.
You aren't hurting anyone and I don't think you are hurting yourself - so enjoy in moderation matey.

(must admit I used to have - a few years ago lot of egg and chips absolutely smothered in dark soy sauce - scrummy)


Always comes back to MMs!
I love wrapping a Laughing Cow triangle in wafer thin ham and scoffing it down as a snack!! xx
Im affraid I am addicted to Giant pickled slugs (gherkins) :p -and get through a 1kg jar every week :DI LOVE vinegar, and as they are sym free I don't care
I also love soy sauce, but really don't think i could have spoonfuls on its own :)

i can't think of any weird & wonderful things I eat like that but am sure there must be something - thing is to ourselves they are perfectly normal, lol x

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