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Extra Easy Bit of advice - gone over on my syns

Ive been a silly billy and eaten a sandwich on the spur of the moment and it was 28 syns. I dont really feel guilty or anything as I am only human and whats done is done!

Question is - do I just write it off, forget about it and carry on as if Ive just had my syns for the day or should I try and salvage the syns back over the next few days. My weigh in is on Thursday!
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Fighting the bulge
Its up to you hun, firstly i would say dont fret about it or over think it too much as you just end up stressed.

If you wont feel deprived without a few syns til thursday then i would say cut back - but make sure you have at least 5 a day.

If you think you would feel deprived then call it a flexi syn day and move on

Good luck for thursday xxx


Onwards and downwards!
I would day just draw a line under it and carry on. You could try to have a few less syns over the next couple of days if you felt you needed to, otherwise I wouldn't worry too much about it hun. Its good that you worked out the syns though, sandwiches sneakily hold big syn values, naughty things!


Silver Member
If it was on wholemeal bread and you haven't had your HEB for the day you can count that and remove 6 Syns from the sandwich!

Not much I know, but it's a start?
Well providing you didn't have any other syns that day, you'd only need to drop your syns by 5 for the next 3 days to make up for it - so as long as you have 5-10 syns until Thursday you should be fine!

Even if you did have syns, and even if you have your full 15 you will probably still lose though! :)

What the heck was in that sandwich though, that's what I wanna know!! haha. I hate hidden syns :(


Fighting the bulge
Well if you think about the ingredients its normally 1 tbsp full fat mayo 5.5syns, 2 slices of bread from an 800g loaf is 9 syns so thats 14.5 without any butter or filling!!

Premade sandwiches are a nightmare!!! Its a god send that you can take 6 syns of as a HEX B but ive usually already had mine by that point!! lol

Thanks for all your advice. I am just not going to dwell on it and learn from my mistake and not do that again. I just wasnt prepared for today and had to grab something quickish from the shop.

I will try and cut down my syns for the rest of the week and see what happens

Thanks again for yor advice x x x