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Bit shocked


Determination is Key


Determination is Key
Thanks so much for the encouraging words. I read your story a few days ago and thought, "that will be my story some day!"
i still cant bring myself to set a final goal thats under 12 stone 12lbs cause i just think its beyond me

started Slimming World 10 weeks ago at 18 stone 1lb,

now i am 16 stone (as of last nights weigh in)

i just think at the mo, 12.12 is in reach for me at some stage now,

where as 10 stone is so out of reach

when i get down near 12.12 i will have a rethink about it all

i am just taking at "sticker at a time" as a wise lady on here says

and just remember that ever one pound a week....is almost 4 stone a year!

good luck with your journey x
I wasn't shocked when I got on the scales, but I had lose TWO peoples body weight and knew it was going to be a big number.


Determination is Key
Well you've already lost one of those people! And well done to you!
Although I have a goal weight on my stats I really have no idea what the actual goal should be. I just came up with a number when I opened my account lol.

For me this is more about retraining my eating habits and keeping under control my automatic response to reach for food when emotional/stressed rather than losing weight. The weight loss is a bit of a bonus if I'm honest.
Hi Mandy and welcome, I never though of it that way in the beginning, I never thought I'd do it anyway, I just took it a stone at a time and luckily, it just kept coming off.

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