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Bit unsociable


Slow but sure....
Ha ha....I think you'll find a few posts about 'windy' times on this forum, we all suffer with it sometimes it's all part of the diet, blame the dog if you have one!!!


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Not with alpen light or the yogs cos I don't eat them, but I seem to have permanent wind!! (or so OH says....) especially as we eat a lot of varities of beans.

It's not so good when I'm in the office, it's a relief when it comes to hometime!!! :-(

Perhaps it's just the healthy food we all eat??
LOL I have heard some people suffer wind with the probiotic yogs. Try a different brand and see if it clears up, if not cut them out for a few days and see what happens. xx


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OMG YES YES YES - alpen light bars make me windy!! I love them but they bloat me right up and give me huge tummy cramps. They seem to bring on every sympton of my IBS within ann hour of eating one. So consequently I don't now eat them but it took me a while to figure out it was them. Glad it's not just me.


Lovin it !!! :)
crikey - do you really think it is those bars?? I have it real bad and thought it was the amount of fruit & veg I have been eating....

I am going to mention it @ my 1st weigh in on wednesday - thing is mine seems to start towards the later part of the day after I have eaten a substantial amount of my days food - tell ya what though - it is flippin annoying - not to mention uncomfortable sometimes :)

trump trump :D:D:D:D trump trump :D:D:D:D

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