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Bit Worried....

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Have just been to the Doctors. I had a cholesterol and a couple of other blood tests (which I didn't know what they were for) a couple of weeks ago and when I rang for results they said the doctor wanted to see me, not urgently but soon, so I went on holiday and went to Doctors today. I thought my cholesterol must have been on the very high side (which runs in my family) but it was only 5.8 which is slightly high, but she said my kidneys were showing signs of strain. She says this could be because I was overweight (I have now reached a healthy bmi after losing just over 4 stone, so not tons and tons overweight) and I was wondering (but didn't say to her) that could it have been caused by the amount of water you have to drink whilst on the Cambridge Diet as I was always in the toilet. DH has also said it can be caused by too my protein in your diet and of course the first steps to maintenance on Cambridge is protein and I have nearly finished maintenance now so would have been eating mainly protein at the time of my blood test... Now worried that I have lost weight to be healthy but am ruining my kidneys in the process.... anyone had similar?
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I was lead to believe that problems with kidney and protien was that the kidneys couldn't break it down properly. try looking it up on google :D hope you are ok!


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Doubt it's the amount of water you are drinking as that's what kidneys are designed for! Usually they suffer more if you don't drink enough. Not sure re the amount of protein consumed.... are you having more tests? Or is GP just going to leave it at that? Hope you are ok and GP hasn't worried you too much.


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Being in Ketosis for long periods of time puts extra pressure on the kidneys as they are the main excretors of ketones. One thing is for sure, if you'd drank less water, your kidneys would be more overloaded.

Think of your kidneys as a sieve that let through the good stuff and filter out the bad stuff, which you then pee out!... They've had their work cut out for them recently with lots more waste than they're used to. But as you're finishing off maintenance that's greatly reduced now, because the body doesn't have to get rid of the ketones anymore.

Try not to worry too much, once your body is well out of ketosis, your kidneys will recover fairly quickly. The body is good like that... self repairing!
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I am having another test in 6 months, I did tell her I had been on cambridge, so she said in 6 months time I will be well away from Cambridge and the results may come back different. I am hoping it is ketosis that may have caused it, I never thought of that because my ketostix always came up beige and not pink so never really showed signs of ketosis apart from first wee of the morning.... but it could definately be that as I started a month on Atkins before Cambridge and that also works on ketosis too.... I guess she wasn't too worried as she wanted me to wait 6 months for another test.
Thank you for your replies.


Cambridge Consultant
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Hey hon.
Just saw this hope everything is ok.. I wouldnt worry to much though as you said you are not going back until another 6 months so if they were at all worried they would call you back earlier.

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