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Bit worried...

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Hello peeps,

I was reading the paper today round at my mum's and there was an article about Fern Britton and her gastric band. So anyway, at the end of the article it said the pros and cons of having a gastric band. In this it said, and I quote :airquote: Anyone who loses weight quickly - for any reason - is at risk of gallstones. The lack of food causes the gall bladder to contract less frequently, causing stones to form.:airquote:

So I wanted to ask, especially of those of you who have done LL for some time now, have you yourself or anyone you know on the programme had such issues?? My sis in law had gall stones about 18 months ago (not thru weight loss) and she really really suffered with them, eventually having to have 2 ops, 1 to remove, and 1 to treat linked complications a year later!! I would NOT like to go thru what she did...

Any words of advice guys??
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It is common for people who have gastric surgery to have their gallbladder removed as part of the operation. To stop the risk of getting gallstones.
As you're losing weight quickly on this diet too I would say that you would be more at risk of getting them. But I thought they just whipped out the gallbladder as soon as you had any problems?
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Hi Sweety

I have heard of a VERY few people who had trouble - or it was thought ot be gall stones - but never heard much more from them about it so whether it truly turned out to be that - ot something else - I don;t know.

Way I saw it - being obese had more serious risks.

Try not to worry. Ususally those things affect a smaller percentage then our minds might imagine.

G: 10st7lb
Way I saw it - being obese had more serious risks.


Thanks, BL, for putting things into perspective - you are soooo right!!! Being obese or morbidly obese as I was has waaaaay more risks than having to have your gall bladder out.... I will worry no more!! Thanks again xx
My dad was overweight and had gallstones (107 in total!) as a result of his fatty diet so I guess you can't win either way. If you're going to get them then you'll get them. I've never heard of anyone on LL having them so try not to worry about it.
As BL says, being obese is far more life threatening than gallstones!
I was at docs tonight to get my form signed and he had nothing but praise for the programme, he said he has quite a few patients on LL and not one of them has had any probs as a result of LL. So I'd stick with it hun, worry about it if it becomes a problem.

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