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bit worried

I did for a few months about year or so ago, I was on the pill at the time but it wasn't the right one for me and it caused a hormone imbalance. I'm no expert but sounds like you could have an imbalance too. Hope the doc gets you sorted out. Good luck xx


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yeah me too, changed my pill and im was fine. good luck hunni.xxx

Mrs V

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I dont have this Huni, but wanted to post to say that I hope that the Dr can help sort this out for you once and for all.

Take care


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Tracie I get this sometimes but always put it down to not taking pill at same time every day. I now do take the pill like clockwork and it's happening more so I'm going to mention it to the nurse when I go later this month.


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My friend had something similiar last year and the doc said it was a problem with her pill. She changed to a different one and has had no probs since. Hope you get sorted out, take care xx :hug99:
Hi Tracie, have you been to the docs yet? what have they said? I got your email by the way, I'll dig out the recipe for you as I can't remember it off the top of my head!


taking one day at a time
hope all went well this happened to me year ago because I had been tking pil a long time sometimes happens


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I had this once and a bit later had an abnormal smear result which needed treatment, so definitely mention it to the doctor. It's probably your pill but could be something else.
hi all thanx for all your messages x well went to the dox last night and he did say its hormones!! im not on the pill as want to start trying for babies in may. im also having appointments at the colposcopy clinic coz a year ago i had mild abnormal cells, but last time i went (december ) smear came back clear. Ive got to go again next month, so hopefully cells would of gone back to normal. doc doesnt think its related to the bleeding anyway. soooo i reakon it is hormone levels goin a bit bannanas??? xx

Mrs V

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Im glad that its nothing serious Huni and that it can be sorted easily. Take care



Trying again!!!
Glad you are getting sorted Tracie - you will be able to enjoy your weekend now - it's amazing how a visit to the docs can put your mind at rest - have a good weekend!

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