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Biting the Bullet

Hi there to everyone - I know that I`v been here before - but I`m really down and I`v ignored the nagging in my head for about 2months now - I need to get some of this weight off!!
My problem is what diet - seem to have done them all - no will power even with Reductil which seems to have stopped working for me.
I have a lovely family - husband is also big - needs to lose weight also -
my 2 children are beautiful - healthy -
perfect - I`m very strict about them knowing about a healthy diet, the love fruit and veg, I limit the snacks, and I`m constantly aware of the information and encouragement I give them - I`m a trained nurse - I know all the right stuff - but why can`t I stick to it??
I`m now at the crying stage!!
I`m scared to go back to my G.P. to let her know I`v failed again -
I desperately need to get some form of plan in my head and get organised.
I`m on a limited budget, as I don`t work now due to a back problem which limits my ability to excercise and even get about when it`s at it`s worst. But the weight isn`t helping my back problems.
Any advice on what plan everyone else is on would be greatfully received at the moment.
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Hey Anne, sorry for slow reply!

I am on the Cambridge Plan, and am finding it works for me - the first diet that ever has! But if you are on a limited budget it may be out of your reach right now.

I can understand your frustration - I am also a nurse! And yes blah blah blah we know all about what we SHOULD be doing and what we SHOULD be eating, but didnt stop me getting to 23 stone 6lb :(

Have a good look around this site, read up on the diets and other options available, and decide which one you think might work for you (and for hubby?). Ask any questions, there is usually someone around who can help you!
The best advice I can give is to start yourself off with something small and work your way up. I see a lot of people really motivated in the beginning who end up burned out after the first week because they are trying to do too much all at once and it just makes me shake my head. Set yourself a couple of goals for the first week (e.g.

I will drink 6 glasses of water per day
I will walk, slow pace, for 10 minutes extra every day
I will eat 350 calories less than I need to maintain my weight daily (that in itself will see you losing 1lb per 10 days).

Just start out with something that isn't daunting and would be something you know you can live with long term. Then you can add to it and make it tougher in the second week, and moreso in the third, and so on. Just take it at a pace you can handle. In the end you just need to make life changes that you can live with long term, and it isn't going to happen overnight.

Baby steps, we all start somewhere.

Good luck hon :)

Oh, and for me I like calorie counting as I have a lot of flexibility with what foods I eat (though I am trying to make healthier choices).

PS: Ignore the ticker, I don't get to weigh in officially until the 8th, but I have taken a peek at my scales after the first week of small changes as is, so I know I'm on the right path ;)
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Hi Anne
just saw your post and wanted to send you a hug. Also a nurse with back problems and when its at it worst can hardly walk - or as i say my duck waddle so im feeling you. fortunately strengthening your muscles will also help your back - I cannot do yoga!!! as it induces PAIN - lots of it. I would advice pilates. 10 minutes of it - no more than that each day at your own pace. the dvd's usally have 30 mins or an hour of exercises so find 10 minutes that you can do. even if its just the warm up to start with - thats all i could manage at one point and it felt like id been working out for over an hour. walking if possible but im presuming that even walking distances brings on pain and suffering. the pilates will help you strengthen the core which in turn helps stabilise the pelvis and core. ask your gp to refer you to the old physio as they can advise on the correct exercises for your back.
In terms of the food, you have the knowledge yourself so why not decide to stick to it this time. Ive just been doing my own thing with exercise and its worked which does allow for the odd blip in diet (like this weekend) but know that i am back on track from tomorrow. feel free to come and find threads with ppl just doing the healthy eating and attempting the exercise as may help to motivate you.
well done for getting this far.
keep posting.

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