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BL a reminder for you.


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Thought I would remind you of what you wrote( in purple) before you started. Guess you kicked the drug into touch and I am pretty damn sure you ain't scared anymore. Well done we are all proud of you.

"What scares me about this, is the obvious previous attempts and failures. And severing the tie for months with the one thing I could always count on: Food. I could count on it for comfort. For company. For sport. For Joy. For sadness. For love. For loneliness. For anger. For punishment. For biting of my nose to spite my blumin face. For excuses. For isolation and protection. For all the BS one can imagine. It is my drug. And I am an addict. And I am scared. "
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Oh wow! Tange, thanks for dragging that up! I remember writing that!! I was so frightened I was going to set myself up and fail!!!

Yes - I do feel I have stomped all over that addiction. I can't think of anything that would make me eat to deal with it now. I hope I am saying that 8 weeks down the road in RTM - but now, today, I do feel a particular calm inside - and feel just so good, and optomistic, and in control.

I keep thinking about my salmon - and how wonderful it is going to taste, and how hard I've worked to be able to enjoy that salmon, and I am pretty certain it will be the very best tasting salmon I have ever had in my life. :)

Again - that was cool to see Tange - thanks fro posting. :)

Cheers doll!


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Enjoy it. My first salmon was good but funny thing is day three when I could have salad that was the best I ate rocket and it was the best tasting thing I have had in my life. Of course if you get creative some tuna carpacchio with the rocket and hey presto a wonderful meal.

Its sooooo nice to be able to talk about food :rotflmao:
Oh my god Tange - for months I have been telling people that on the day lettuce leaves are allowed I was going to buy a huge bag of Rocket, climb into it and eat my way out!!!

I ADORE rocket, and have been dreaming of it for months!!! Roll on Thursday!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

I'm a happppppppy bunny!!!! :D

Can you tell??? hehehe
We're allowed to say it!!! FOOD!!! I've bought a piece of haddock for my first meal and some tuna steak for later in the week (I've dreamt of tuna steak since the beginning!!!) I can't wait to be able to have a little bit of balsamic vinegar!!! my favourite!!! raw cabbage!!! yum yum yum (never realised how much I would miss these healthy things til LL!)


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I am kind of sad that my journey is finished. but am looking forward to seeing you enjoy your new food groups every week.

Another tip get a good scale I weigh everything and track it on nutracheck.
Look at you kid !!

Congratulations. You look amazing.
Good luck on RTM.
Debs XX:bliss::bliss::bliss::bliss:
Salmon and Tuna steak all sounds so amazing. We've got so much choice open to us and I'm excited about embracing it all, in good time of course. I had rainbow trout tonight...my god it was HEAVEN!!! xxx

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