bl**dy 02!!! (rant)


I will succeed!!!
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Has anyone else found 02 Customer Service is getting worse in the last year or so? I’ve been with them 11 years and always found them really good until about 18months ago.

I got a tariff with 200 minutes and unlimited texts. There was an offer on where I got a free bolt on for unlimited texts or free calls to any network or landlines after 7pm (until 6am) and weekends. Well…I took the minutes as already had unlimited texts and it’s best deal right?

They added the texts to the tariff – 1 month in I got a bill for £300+ (I’d let all and sundry use my phone whilst saying it was free lol). It took 3 months to resolve – they had to find my phone call to prove I asked for the minutes, despite the fact my email said I’d asked for the calls and the fact I pointed out I wouldn’t PICK that given I had them ALREADY. Plus, I didn't use phone other than in the free time once hit 200mins anyway!

Anyway, it got worse when after three months, they said I still owed them loads of money and I best pay while they sort it out or I’d get a CCJ (they’d frozen my bill to stop this but said 3 months was max). They even said I didn't spend over the tariff...rah! Well, after some VERY strongly worded letters saying I was leaving as they breached THEIR side of the contract, they said they’d write off that contract if I got another, and said they’d knock off some money from a handset. Well, being into Apple stuff I got an iPhone (only with them at that time) and took the £60 off the handset (so got the better one) and was happy…

Well. Firstly, when it kept going funny they wouldn’t help me as the insurance didn’t cover ‘software’. Anyway, Apple and 02 were saying it was the other side and I got nowhere. I didn’t know it wasn’t actually Apple I was talking to for ages – 02 passed me through to ‘Apple’ but it was ‘Apple who are really 02 staff working on the iphone accounts’. RAH.

Anyway, by this time my warranty was up and Apple said to claim on insurance, which I couldn’t. So I planned to suffer it and go elsewhere when I got out of contract.

But on Saturday I dropped my phone and it shattered the screen (thankfully safety glass). So I went to the 02 shop and they said it had to go through the phone system – which were shut. And yesterday the systems were down (fair enough). Called today and was impressed with the speed they could replace the handset for me – tomorrow. But then it all went badly. Here’s a gist of what was said (I wasn’t rude to him or short – I was pretty pleasant and friendly until then end lol)…

Me: ‘That’s great, but I can’t take tomorrow off work.’
Them: ‘That’s ok, we can send it to your work – we send to any address and anyone can sign’.
Me ‘You can’t – it’s a closed site’
Them ‘Can’t you get a courier on though?’
Me ‘No, it needs security clearance and it takes weeks’
Them ‘not even if you explain?’
Me ‘ No’
Them ‘Can’t the gate man sign for it?’
Me ‘No, it’s policed and they can’t just accept parcels incase it’s a b*mb’
Them ‘Well…can’t you just get him on if you explain to bosses?’
Me ‘No, but if he calls me as he’s getting there I can meet him offsite’
Them ‘Can’t do that’
Me ‘Why?’
Them ‘Just can’t’
Me ‘Well, if I take it to the 02 shop tonight, can’t they swap it with the courier and I’ll collect?’
T ‘No’
M ‘Why not? You said it could be at any address and anyone’
T ‘Just don’t do that’
M ‘Okkkk…well can I post it to you and you post me one out?’
T ‘No – it needs to be signed for with courier’
M ‘Ok, it’ll have to be my sister’s, but she lives in middle of nowhere and the roads are bad with weather’
T ‘That’s ok, he can ring her if needs to’
M ‘So if he can ring her, why can’t he ring me at work?’
T ‘It’s different’
M ‘How?’
T ‘Just is’
M ‘Ok, just go to my sisters. But I think this policy needs sorting for people who work given it’s office hours and weekdays only’


T ‘Well you broke the phone. Not our fault. And it’s not our fault you work somewhere ‘fancy and restricted’
M ‘excuse me?!’

*Christina’s head flies into space’

Ok…I wasn’t rude to him at all – I was polite and tried to find a solution that helped me and them (i.e. not sending to my sister’s in this weather.) How rude!!!


Ok, so I know it’s not their fault they can’t get to my work. But what about doctors? Nurses? Teachers? Etc…I’m not the only one who isn’t available at work. Meh!

I just think they need to sort selves out – they used to be fab and now it’s poo!

Sorry for rant…was just raging with his attitude at the end when I’d not been rude to him.
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I will succeed!!!
S: 13st3lb C: 12st8.5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 29.4 Loss: 0st8.5lb(4.59%)
Perhaps you should have been lol. Not your day is it hun. xxxx Have a hug on me and cyber bun.

LOL it's ok honey - my day's been ok really. Just a pain getting to work and then had that lil g*t on the phone at lunch time. Not going to let him ruin my day.

Now I've had a brew I feel less narked - infact it's quite funny (in the 'laugh or cry' sense)

:D xxx