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  1. Tange

    Tange Silver Member

    I am so envious you and I are the same height and the same weight and I am not nearly as slim as you :cry:
    Actually not going to cry and going to do something about it. got to get my head around loosing some more.

    What I am saying in a roundabout way is that you look super sexy in those white trousers.
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  3. Blonde Logic

    Blonde Logic Yes. You can.

    Aw, thank you honey - but I bet if I saw you, I would think you were slimmer then me. ;) I bet you are. Funny, our own perceptions are usually not accurate. Even now I know mine aren't. Funny old heads.

    But thank you for the very nice compliment. :)
  4. Twinny

    Twinny Full Member

    BL you have been my inspiration all along this journey. You have always willingly shared your knowledge and experiences and have helped me and I'm sure many others along the way!!

    Am just going into my second week of RTM - it is I eating too much, am I hungry or am I just shovelling food in because "I'm allowed" and "It's on the list" so so so many more lessons to be learned....

    Am off to look at your recipes now - you are a star!!! :happy096:
  5. Blonde Logic

    Blonde Logic Yes. You can.

    Hi Twinny! :)

    Welldone on your acheivement, getting to goal and going into RTM!!! Fantastic!!!! :) :) :)

    THank you for the kind words. I appreciate it, and am so happy to have helped you in any way. :)

    RTM IS SCARY!!! Make no mistake! It's a real test.

    But - it's your time to learn to get it right, so don;t panic if you weight goes up a bit, stays the same a bit, or whatever - you are now starting to put into practice what we learned. We all fell off a bike the first time we rode - but we get back on. It's the same principle here.

    I found the first few weeks, I was eating off the lsit, probably more then I should have too, but as its all pretty safe food, any damage was minimal.

    One thing to expect, and its a shock - is we are so used to losing, that we have to change our mindset - we are now wanting to stay the same! But its a wierd transition. (I still want to lose another 7 or 8 pounds - if I can. Not bothered really - just want to have a go at getting to my lowest remembered weight. ANd if its only for one day - thats cool. :D

    Be sure to plan plan plan. Have an idea of what you are having each day, so you don't get caught out.

    I did not record my weekly ups and downs - I am not sure why. But I could find them in my book to show you how much I fluctuated through RTM, but at the end, I was a pound under my goal. So it all works out in the end - its the trigger weeks that are scary cause you just do not know how your body will react.

    Don;t be tempted to have things off the list - the temptation is pretty great - so try and avoid that.

    I found it easy to stick to pretty much the same things for the first few weeks. And I went a bit nuts when fruit was introduced. Watch out for bananas! High calorie and high carb.

    The best advise I can give you, is relax, embrace it, and trust that you have have your eating habits. And it all falls into place easily.

    I found, oddly enough as more and more food was introduced, I ate less and less. The first few weeks I ate HUGE salads, and lots of freuit adn veg - because "I could", but now - I eat very little most days.

    Its a wonderful part of the journey and you will still discover things along the way. Its just a great time. Enjoy it!

    Ask along the way if you get stuck.

    Good luck hon, and again - well done you!!!!


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